Kashiwagi Yuki, Watanabe Mayu shed tears for their separation + 1 more on DVD Release of Kashiwagi Yuki’s solo live concert

  October 23, 2012

1. Kashiwagi Yuki's solo live concert to be released in DVD and Blu Ray 1/2

2. Kashiwagi Yuki's solo live concert to be released in DVD and Blu Ray 2/2

3. Kashiwagi Yuki, Watanabe Mayu shed tears for separation – MayuYukirin's final performance as Team B

Tomo~mi updated her blog for the first time in 2 weeks!!

She wrote about captain Yukirin!!

Tomo~mi is such a nice gril…

I wanted to see the unit of these two girls.

Probably they are the girls who have confronted against each other the most, but also trusted each other the most, I think.

Tomo~mi!! Thank you~~~!! “Shinkirou” performed by you and Yukirin is one of my favorites!!

I'm really glad that Tomo~mi shared her feeling towards Yukirin.

During MC, She talked about Yukirin as on of good things that she found after she joined team B.

I actually liked the relation between her and Yukirin, so it's sad to see them separated….

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  1. MYY7 says:

    i sad too see them separated…i like mayu-yukirin forever in team B…

  2. KudoShinichikun says:

    This is so depressing~~ I wont even like Team B where Yukirin wont be captain anymore and it will be soo lonely without Mayuyu… (・`ω´・)
    And cool song… Seigi no Mikata ja nai Hero

  3. Janet S. says:

    Sad to see one of the best pair being separated now, they have been together for 6 years, and the only members of Team B to do so, so yeah it’s pretty sad to accept that they’ll be in different teams now. But as Yuki have said it herself, their relationship will not waver so I believe we will still be seeing a lot of these two together in the future. I’m excited new things happening for the both of them on the new set of teams.

    Can’t wait for the concert DVD to be released :).

  4. Mario Medves says:

    Yukirin otas have to spending money from 2 January, oh my..
    Nice the yellow dress.

  5. is it her own decision to not be captain again of the team B?

  6. moofuq says:

    It’s so touching… MaYuki… I wish they put Paruru in team A instead of Mayuyu. They said Paruru is the next Acchan, so why she’s in team B?? 🙁

    I hope 2013 will be Yukirin’s year. Let’s hope her concert DVD release and solo debut will boost her popularity among casual fans. She’s talented member, it’s so bad she’s shadowed behind members under OhtaPro or OgiPro. Yukirin is not AKB management’s favorite, so NabePro should find some way to promote her more and mooooore!!

    I wanna see Yukirin be guest in Shabekuri 007 😀

  7. I love MaYuki pose in that photo….

  8. tomodachi says:

    i hope their friendship stories will never end..
    ah…mayuyu had her twin tail hair style again after a long time..
    is it special for the last performance with team B??

  9. Nauj Ibarra says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! MaYuki forever! D,:

  10. JustAFan says:

    Yes they are the best pair, and it’s like a double-edge sword they make Team B recognized as the best team (in my opinion) but at the same time they sink the other team

    I think management would think, if they separated then there can be a chance each of them can build their each own team from zero again

    We all know, since acchan left AKB48, the 2’nd chapter start……