Lets guess who will be Senbatsu members for UZA’s coupling 次のシーズン (Next Season) by Under Girls

  October 3, 2012

New team A: Iriyama Anna, Iwata Karen, Oshima Ryoka, Kawaei Rina, Takahshi Juri, Tano Yuka
New team K: Nagao Mariya, Muto Tomu
New team B: Ichikawa Miori, Kato Rena, Takeuchi Miyu
SKE: Kizaki Yuria, Mukaida Manatsu, Kimoto Kanon
NMB: Yamada Nana
HKT48: Kodama Haruka

LOL Too many team A members…

I somehow feel that Yamada Nana won’t be blended into this young teal well….

What this exciting feeling that this members lineup brings to me!?!? It’s far more exciting Uza Senbatsu!!!

Though there’re no source, this is what has been said to be the most likely members based on the alalysis of Mobame and Google Plus.

Yamadan Nana is a substitute for Joe?

↑Or probably for Mitsumune?
Because Joe suggested her graduation right after Maeda announced her graduation in March, I think substituting Joe is unlikely.

At least I think there was a position for Mitsumune.
Both of the 2 members (Muto and Oshima) are listed in the lineup, so Mitsumune was also most likely included.

There was a weak evidence that Iwata Karen would be a substitute for Mitsunume.

Iwata Karen 8/31

Today I was suddenly told to join the filming.

It was lucky but also I felt chagrined somehow…..

But yeah it turned out all right in the end, and I gave it everything I’ve got, so I’m feeling nice(^^)

I will let you know what the filming was for when I am allowed to reveal it.


↑It’s quite unlikely.
How could she deal with coreography?
Besides, Mitsunume has been absent since August.

Where is Minarun?
I can understand it’s her age, but I wanted to include her because…. many of these members are from team 4…

How come they excluded Kuumin and Churi!?!?

Mukaida made a comeback after “Hito no Chikara” (人の力
/人の力), except the election single.

Who will be Center?

Kawaei and Kizaki?

I think…

○Iriyama and Tano
△Oshima Ryoka

I have a feeling that Oshima Ryoka as center can be possible.

Wait….. why Suzuran isn’t in this list???

Probably it turned out that Ohba reached her peak considering her age….
The last election was the peak of her career in AKB48, I guess….

If this song will be a clean and sentimental song that depicts the bloom of youth composed by Shunryu (俊龍/しゅんりゅう), it will surpass UZA.

↑I think that’s what they have in mind.
Kinda like…. Kimisuki (君のことが好きだから) beat RIVER in a long run

But Under Girls for Kimisuki had promising members.
If this time, Under Girls included Kitahara, Kasai, Umeda, Kuramochi, Amina and Akimoto, it would beat UZA for sure.

↑Now that time has passed and new faces have joined AKB48, it’s a bit awkward to call these members Under Girls.
I’m not sure whether it’s good for AKB or not to select these girls for Under Grils at this late date.

This time, Under Girls consists of memebrs who were selected for Manatsu Senbatsu but couldn’t made it in the election.
This is smiliar to Kimisuki where Sashihara, Rena, Moeno and Fujie who couldn’t made it in the election but were Senbatsu for Namida Surprise were gathered up.
Think about it. If Urano or Yukori were in Under Girls for Kimisuki, would the song ever be that brilliant ?

Mariyagi has been finally acknowledged by Yasusu….

There was a sign where Nagao performed Everyday Katyucha as Center in the election.

There was a sign for Tanochan, too, when she performed “Itsukamita Umi no Soko” (いつか見た海の底) as Under of Yuukosu for all three days of Tokyo Dome concert.

It’s so cruel…

Takayanagi lost to Manatsu who just recently finally achieved a result in the election??

Kuumin had been always a part of Under Girls,
But now the trend is all for Kizaki Yuria…

My image of 1st generation’s Under Girls
Sashihara, Takajo, Rena, Kuramochi, Amina

2nd generation’s Under Girls
Oota, Yagami, Sumire, Komori, Aamin

3rd generation’s Under Girls
KatoRena, Kizaki, Iriyama, Kawaei, Kimoto

I’m relieved that management didn’t yet abandon Miorin….

Thank you Yoshirin…

What I’m concerned about is…..

Manatsu will be the most senior member in this Under Girls….

*Mukaida Manatsu: 2gen member of SKE

Dec 2008 AKB7gen

Mar 2009 SKE2nd

Apr 2009 AKB 8gen