Matsui Jurina made Fujita Nana hyper by just standing there and 3 more on Kojiharu, Kojioji and Hilary

  October 14, 2012

Kojima-san…. lol

Kojima Haruna

I had so much fun at 2 shot eventー☆~(ゝ。∂)

You can see how the event was like in this photo! I took this photo with Kitagawa Kenji last month~ lol



Ohhhh my godness!! This is Kitagawa Kenji!!!

Come on President! I can't help but laugh at your face lol


Kojima-san called Kitagawa Kenji without putting “San” at the end of his name lol

I can't read anything from his facial expression in this photo…. lol

She was playing with Kitagawa during the filming of UZA's PV, too. I saw it on Mariko's blog.

He looks like Kodama in Princess Mononoke….


Fujita Nana

Thank you so much as always~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I'm looking forward to the next week's 2 shot event♪

And I went to a lesson after the event!

Jurina-san~! I love you( ^^)人(^^ )



100% lesbian….

…… >∀< " And they'll be in the same team after the reformation....! " I like how she showed no hesitation to express her love for Jurina " Did Jurina fall down because of this bear hug??? [do action="news" title="" source=""]※Jurina canceled her participation in the event in the afternoon after she joined it in the morning.[/do] " Jurina is cute in this photo as always, but she also looks pale and a bit tired..... " [do action="g-comment-post" name="Fujita Nana" datetime="" image=""]Fluffy Jurina-san![/do][do action="g-comment-post" name="Fujita Nana" datetime="" image=""] Jurina-san( ^^)人(^^ ) [/do][do action="g-comment-post" name="Fujita Nana" datetime="" image=""] She is the same age as me! [/do][do action="g-comment-post" name="Fujita Nana" datetime="" image=""] She smells nice! Jurina-san! [/do][do action="g-comment-post" name="Fujita Nana" datetime="" image=""] We couldn't spend much time talking today. Hopefully, next time I meet her, we can have a plenty of time to talk! [/do][do action="g-comment-post" name="Fujita Nana" datetime="" image=""] This photo is taken by Yuurin (Takashima Yurina) [/do] .

Jurina….. Don't underestimate Naana. She is the real……

Jurina looks she is in a bad condition…..

And who is that girl with a pink bag behind them?

Naana has become so tall…

I don't know why, but to my eyes, Naana looks like she is absorbing energy from Jurina…. ><;; " .

Hirata Rina


I joined a lesson after the 2 shot event


I have a muscle pain all over my body~( p_q)
I got many bruises on my knees, too~(T_T)

But I'm gonna do it!。。。





Tanochan is just soooooo noisy and active lol

The title of thumbnail is “たのちゃん” lol

Tanochan is hyperactive….. Just seeing this sentence made me laugh a bit….

Hilary's looks have matured lately.

Hyperactive Tano lol

I want to use this expression in Katakana lol

Hilary is such a dedicated person.

This episode is great as we can hear voices of members who's voices we rarely have to opportunity to hear.

Yukarun's favorite color is… black…. lol As expected of less-than-fortunate(-looking) Yukarun….

Over the partition is the place where all of us are waiting in lines…

Miorin is insanely cute.

It looks like Hilary practices Dolphin?

Matsumura came to take a peek at Hilary!!!!!

Hirata Rina

Iriyama Anna

I appeared a lot in the video Hilary shot!

Thank you♥

Murashige Anna

Whoa! Murashige is everywhere!

Thank you so much!!


Iriyama Anna

I finally made a brief appearance in Hilary's bonus movie that which I have anticipated for so long~☆(ゝ。∂)

Please check it out♥

What's left to do is to appear in Marinatteru News!



An'nin said she watched Hilary's video yesterday.

I'm amazed that she really checks out Hilary's video on a regular basis!

What's going on with the project to publish a book on Hilary's 30 seconds English Lesson?

Hirata Rina 221days ago

My mom told me “It's nonsense to publish a book on English when you can't even speak Japanese properly!!”


↑I think she is just trying to be humble in the post.

I mean I'm wondering whether the project is underway or completely forgotten.

Like Nakamatta~'s textbook on economics, I think they may be working on it behind the scenes.

An'nin was insanely cute in Hilary's bonus movie.

I should say, An'nin was the cutest ever in the video!!!

And Tano-chan was far more hyperactive than I expected lol

So…. It was not Melonpan that Nattsun put Mayo on.

Hilary has been going to possess a very mature type of beauty. I think it's a matter of time that I'll start looking her in a sexual way… orz.

And her Japanese is also improving!

↑She's been gradually increasing the use of Kanji.

Hilary has been playing a tremendous role as a PR face of AKB's Kenkyusei.

Though it's unlikely that she will become a Senbatsu members in the future, I hope she will earn her unique place in AKB48 like Matsumura of SKE48 has done.

↑I know what you mean. She will win the 34th spot in the election and make a speech all in English.

I truly think Hilary gives us very precious glimpse of behind the scenes.

We can see the “real” members in her videos.

I think members never show their true selves to that degree in front of cameras filming footage for movies.

↑Actually I think Hilary's video is better than official making footage full of Senbatsu members.


KojiOji showed himself up at today's event!

NyanNyan is closer to KojiOji than to this young dude!!

↑ No wonder. He is such a big name in the fandom.

Even Togasaki leaves the door of the theater open for KojiOji's call for NyanNyan.




  1. Mark Weber says:

    lol the kuumin gif was hillarious 😀
    Anyone mind explaining who kojioji is, I can guess he is kojiharu oshi, but what makes him so special?

  2. that Kuumin gif is hilarious, can somebody tell me form where it is? 😀
    and NyanNyan looks so pretty 🙂 envy those guys :))

  3. angiepiteira says:

    I Love the last pic! ^_^’

  4. Natskie Chan says:

    can anyone explain what happen to kumi