Matsui Rena successfully forges a career as Tetsudo Ota and one more about UDON by Iwata Karen

  October 4, 2012

Iwata Karen 10/4 20:57


I was completely losing my my mind…



Y= うどん….lol

And she didn’t need to write “-1Y=1″ twice lol

I can picture the scene where Tanochan is pleasantly calling Karen, UDON.

Oshima Ryoka 10/4 20:59


U…. Udon!?!?

Iwata Karen 10/4 21:09

I was nodding off when I was studying with a tutor…. lol
Iwata Karen 10/4 21:15

Those who call my answer Boke or a nice joke haven’t yet understood who this girl Yamagatake is all about. Grin* lol

I’m always serious!! (゜▽゜)teary eyes!*

Tano Yuka 01/01/1990 00:00

I wonder about your sanity.

Tano Yuka 10/4 21:21

Aw shucks…. ( .)spit*

Tano Yuka 01/01/1990 00:00

What a smart girl(・-・)

Iwata Karen 10/4 21:25

I’m sane←

I realized how tough the job of tutors for kids….. lol

Oshima Ryoka 10/4 21:26


Let’s study together next time!

Iwata Karen 10/4 21:30

Ryoka, I will teach you the formula where the answer will be UDON!

Oshima Ryoka 10/4 21:38

Thank you so muchヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
I’m so happy!

Iwata Karen 10/4 22:20

So…. yeah! We had so much fun with うどん lololol

I was so sleepy but I thought I gotta move my hands so that my tutor won’t notice I was sleeping, then I found that I unconsciously wrote うど….. lol

So yeah! I’m Yamagatake!!!


I can’t find my name in members lineup for the upcoming handshake event in Tohoku…

So shocking (;_;)

I wanted to go there to see familiar faces(>_<。)




First I thought she is just a newbie Ota when she said she is Anime Ota.

But she has never quitted easily, but on the contrary, she is getting more and more Otaku, and that’s why I’ve started liking her.

She is a cut out for Otaku.

If she is a girl who say something like “I like MS-05 better than MS-06. Don’t you think Shoulder Tackle is so awesome?”, I will be her Oshi.

↑Rena is Acguy Oshi.

Because she can’t love any mobile suits but one who can sit in Taiiku Suwari

And this is Gundam Strike Rouge designed by Rena.

↑Wooow Rena-chan not just liks Gundam but she has a good sense of color!!

She went to Train Museum with Airin after she gave it a lot of thoughts whether she should ask Airin to go out with her or not.

I thought she really like both Shinkansen and Airin.