Melonpan Lover Shimazaki Haruka got a cute retort from Itano Tomomi

  October 7, 2012

MJ━ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ┌┛)`Д゚)・;’━!!

“lol Both is okay!?”
Paruru received a rare retort from Tomochin-san!
As you know, Paruru has something special.

Paruru was so cute, and Chintomo, thank you so much for your wonderful retorting for Paruru!

It’s so fresh to see Paruru interacted with Tomochin.

She is so cute…

Chintomoリノ・ω・从 “Whatta!? both is okay!?”

Chintomo-san, we owed you so much.

As soon as Tomochin made “Itano-san is freaking cool” remark, three threads has been created lol

As expected of Tomochin-san.

Tomochin actually has a freaking nice personality.

Paruru is obviously a successor of Maeda.

She can express her opinion without being intimidated by Takamina’s presence,

and made laid-back girl Tomochin high and retort to her.

Tomochin looks like she is the most friendly to Paruru among the three.

Tomochin always treats her juniors with friendliness.

I thought it’s only Yukirin who Tomochin actively interacts with,

But it looks like Paruru has become a favorite of Tomochin.

I think Itano once said she puts her expectation on Paruru among the all next generation members.

Lately I can’t help but being interested in Tomochin-san.

She was so cute when she played a Janken match against Sashihara in the trailer of Janken Tournament.

Tomochin is happy that she has finally found a girl who is more Ponkotsu than her.

Tomochin loves girls who love to be alone. or those who don’t feel lonely by being lonely.

Finally Shimazaki doesn’t make us feel any awkwardness when she is together with Senbatsu members. Or I should say, she has become totally like a Senbatsu member.

It’s great that when they announce the ranking of Melonpan, they included all members of Melonpan Doumei in UZA Senbatsu, Matsui Rena, Miyawaki Sakura and Shimazaki Haruka in the footage.

As expected o f NHK, they really understand what Ota is expecting from TV shows.

But of course they didn’t mention Melonpan Alliance (メロンパン同盟/めろんぱんどうめい), which is kinda too deep for mainstream TV shows.

Mayuyu and Kojiharu also said they like Melonpan lol