Members comments on Mitsumune Kaoru’s graduation + 1 more on Shinoda Mariko’s mini party with kids(?)

  October 24, 2012

1. Shinoda Mariko’s mini party with kids(?) members

2. Members comments on Mitsumune Kaoru’s graduation 1/2

3. Members comments on Mitsumune Kaoru’s graduation 2/2

Shinoda Mariko

Okutama has become really looking like a dog.

I finished the photo shoot with Shinoyama Kishin-seisei, and got back home.

And then, OkuTama (奥真奈美) came to my house( *`ω´) hehe


Okutama has become so hairy^^

Time flies, kids grow so fast…

Okutama showed up Shinoda’s twitter after a long absence~

Dumplings put on a plate were made by me( *`ω´)

And on Okutama’s hands are dumplings made by her(≧∇≦)

Don’t you think we did a good job~♪

Okutama….. lol

So Mariko wants to show she is better at making dumplings, right? lol

Pacha (ぱちゃ) came up to see what’s up~

↑Somehow, it looks like stereogram~~

Pacha Kawaii….

I wonder who would appreciate this type of pet photograph….

↑I don’t know, but still tons of people retweet this one…

Pacha and Musshu (Monsieu) have a regular TV show actually (Mariko no Orikousama) lol

Though they’re just sleeping in the show almost all the time lol

Gon and Lovetan came up Mariko’s home…. As expected of Lolicon Mariko!

↑Gon is already 2 lol

Shinoda Mariko

Harugon and Lovetan came to my house as they saw my tweet~~~( *`ω´)

We’re gonna make cookies from now♪ Trick or Treat (≧∇≦)


Aichan…. I wanna lick you~~~ >∀<

Anyway, Gon, Lovetan and Okutama….. such unique faces gathered up together!

Shinoda Mariko as a nursery teacher (for 3 cute kids)

It’s hard to picture these three being together with Shinoda at Shinoda’s room lol

I love this photo. It looks like the two girls Incidentally popped into her room lol

Is this Lovetan…???

Shinoda Mariko

Children made these cookies~~ lol


↑At first I thought it’s a scene where body parts are scattered…..

Nakagawa Haruka

Good evening!

Today, I made cookies with Mari-chan(^-^)/

It was so fun to make cookie with everyone~ and it was sooo yummy~~~ I will eat the rest tomorrow~♪

If it would ever be possible, I want give some to you~~ lol


Shinoda Mariko

Because we played so much, Musshu looks soooo sleepy ~~~lol

Please look into the camera~~~( *`ω´)