Sashi Ota’s Victory – Music Station feat. Sashihara Rino with ANRIRE 2012.10.19

  October 20, 2012

” Let’s talk about our Rino-chan’s victory!


” What the hell?

” Alone in Music Station!!!

” LOL Anrire showed up after all….

” Live singing!!

” Her eyes look unnatural.   ” ↑Please give her some slack….. She basically looks very different depending on whether she’s in good condition or not… It’s just because she is enormously busy….

” Tamosan was laughing

” Uhmmm she wasn’t alone….

” ↑Yeah, but it was far better than other TV shows as they gave her a whole lot of screen time….. And we could listen to her live singing

” Actually I love when AKB girls sing live.

” Goo Kawa look Goo Kawaee…..

” Seriously, now I feel irritated that Kawaei didn’t appear on a lot….

” Kawaei is Kawaee, Sashiko is also cute!!!! She never sang the wrong lyrics. Nice!!

” Tamosan is so kind….. He is always kind no matter what kind of farce AKB does….

” Kawaei Goo Kawaee. Iriyama is beautiful as always. Kato Rena has been gradually becoming cute. I appreciate the fact Sashiko sang the song live.

” Tamo-san’s cute smile when she performed with ANRIRE after she has said, “I’m gonna perform alone!” when asked, “What kind of song is this?” by Tamosan.

” LOL KanJani countered her comment

” Because she co-starred with Kanjani in TORE, and she is very close to Tamori-san as they enjoy meal together before theater performance…. after all, Music Station is a familiar place for Sashiko..

” The show has pretty good mood today. Even audiences look very kind to Sashiko^^

” I’ll never forget the kindness of Kanjani and Tamosan…… ※There is a thread that Sashiko Ota are expessing Gratitude to Kanjani for their friendly and kind attitude towards Sashiko for yesterday’s Music Station

” Masqerade!!!(+・`ω・)

” I bet Tamosan likes Sashihara very much. When she is supposed to make a comment about broken heart, Tamosan sensed the situation and didn’t give her a chance to utter words… hats off to Tamosan.

” “Perform alone”←As a Kawaei Ota, I was hurt by this remark a bit….. Are ANRIRE members not AKB48?

” ↑But thanks to Sashihara, many people have started to become interested in ANRIRE girls.

” Officially Sashihara is the main singer and ANRIRRE are backdancers. It’s natural for Sashiko to be the only person who can join talk session. Sashi’s live singing is okay but if I can ask more, I wanted her to sing in a louder voice. But as an Idol singer, I’m satisfied with the over all performance.

” What this awkward situation….. Kyary and Sashiko are the same age, yet, it looks like Kyary was a bit embarrassed by the fact that Sashiko topping the chart while she is at the 10th spot….. ” ↑I kinda think they have a similar type of face. I actually like both.

For Sashiko Ota, today’s music station was a godly show!!

” Ranking according to Music station 1st. Ikujinashi Masquerade – Sashihara Rino with ANRIRE 2nd. HALLOWEEN PARTY – HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA 3rd. Electric Boy – KARA   ” I was tempted to commit Oshihen to Kanjani….. ”