Sashihara Rino 2nd Single Ikujinashi Masquerade sales halve from the debut single

  October 17, 2012

Sashiara Rino 2nd Single Ikujinashi no Masquerade

1st     2nd
M  —,—  —,—
T  *56,879  *28,197

down by 50.5%
Shashihara is over….

Plus this song has not only one but 4 artists….

↑The opposite! This time, they didn’t hold Yubi Matsuri!

Is this partly because ANRIRE?

Still she can aim at no.1 spot.
1st. KARA 28,604 copies
2nd. Sashihara Rino with ANRIRE 28,197 copies

↑Almost all 48 group’s single sell the best for the first couple of days…

↑x2 Looks like Kara is also struggling to sell their records…

Let’s wait to see if Sales of Theater Version is included in this number…

・Bonus Items

Ikujinashi: Lottery ticket for Live concerts (total 4 concerts), Handshake ticket (Theater Version), Photos (A~C, D: A+B+C, Theater Version), Trading card (First Edition)

Soredemo: Lottery Ticket for Yubi Matsuri or Talk show and mini concert with Dolphin at aquarium

ANRIRE Ota don’t buy this single because of Sashihara, and Sashi Ota won’t enthusiastically buy the single because of ANRIRE.
I think Yasusu’s marketing this time turned out to be a total fail.

↑You might be right….

If the record you bought contains Kato Rena’s photo, some Ota might go insane lol

Fist of all, even if all Ota of ANRIRE bought the single, that won’t be a big number.
Marketing wise, they should focus on promoting Sashihara…

Perhaps it goes like this

Sashi Ota: 20,000
ANRIRE Ota: 8917

Some people oppose to Ren’ai Kinshi Jorei (Love Ban Rule), but after all, scandal brings critical damage to idols and that’s why they have the rule, I guess….

.          Iwasa1 Itano3 Sashi1 Atsu2 Mayu2 Sashi2
.          Mujin  10years SoreSuki KimiBoku Jelly Ikuji
**M —,— —,— —,— —,— —,— —,—
**T **7,350 *37,038 *56,879 *65,635 *38,109 *28,197
**W **5,310 *13,595 *29,528 *23,784 *18,473 —,—
**T **2,160 **6,021 *12,323 *10,490 **8,471 —,—
**F **3,987 **4,056 **7,718 **7,116 **5,715 —,—
**S **2,220 **5,117 **6,049 *10,563 **5,255 —,—
**S **1,090 **4,419 **5,456 **9,537 **3,477 —,—

Total *22,117 *70,246 117,953 127,125 *79,500 —,—
Week *23,773 *72,911 124,483 136,212 *87,993 —,—

↑By the way, Mayuyu’s 2nd didn’t have any sort of tie-up.

I’m more concerned about whether they’ve succeeded to market ANRIRE members to people in the music business, as this is the role assigned to Sashiko….

ANRIRE should have teamed up with Mayuyu…

AKB48 members solo single first week sales

Even though her name is known to the public, it’s not for her singing skill but her talking skill.

Regarding her popularity among fans, her scandal has still left lingering damage, but her popularity has skyrocketed.

But enjoying tons of TV appearance is a sort of double edged sword….. as she can’t afford time to practice singinging….. And moving back and forth from Hakata to Tokyo is also a disadvantage for her.
Tie-up with the movie which is only targeted at Ota doesn’t help much, plus they launched hardly any promotion for the single…

But…. Soredemo Sukidayo.

Even it meant to promote the new song, who the hell is encouraged to buy her single when she only appears before and after the song performance…
Normal people think it’s just too weird…

If it’s Sassy we’re talking about, I think she will make fun of this sales decrease….

As a result of making tons of Media exposure, she’s only gained light fans who only enjoy her songs on youtube while she’s got tons of haters….. lol

Certainly the number of Sashi Ota has severely decreased.

She has been recognized widely thanks to scandal and Tv exposure, but those are the people who don’t spend money for her.

Come on…. if you’re a fun, why not support her by actually spending money… Gather up heroes…. Gather up Sashi Ota!!

Fuck!! What the hell are you guys doing!!! This is the time to reveal fundamental strengths of Sashi Ota, isn’t it!! I’m gonna spend my 100K yen that I spared for UZA (for Request Hour) for this single!!!!

Sashi….. I’m so sorry…..

Damn! Every Sashi Ota should buy another 100 copies of the single!!!!

↑I second you, sir!

While Sashihara halve the sales of her single, Kitahara will star the movie!!

↑I don’t know anyone in the cast of this movie but Kitahara…

↑Most of them are from Ota Productions.
If Kitahara would be a member who ranked below 40 or 50 in the election, I can congratulate her on this, but it’s totally not… uhmmm

Why the hell do they make a horror movie again?
AKB48 girls have already starred tons of Horror movies and that didn’t help her career much.

Even if literally no one is gonna watch this movie, she can add this to her CV.
As long as she does have a real experience, she will have a bigger chance to be hired by sponsors or someone who has a power over casting.