Sato Amina and Chikano Rina made apology – And Takamina to juniors “Wanna sleep? Go home!”

  October 22, 2012

1. Sato Amina and Chikano Rina’s apology

2. Takahashi Minami to juniors “Wanna sleep? Go home!”

During the rehearsal scene of the trailer of the documentary movie, there’s a scene where Takamina scolded juniors.

They completely sound like pro wrestlers….

Everyone has dead eyes in the photos….

Many of members in the 2nd photo graduated…. Was there any relation? Just kidding…

Who was scolded by Takamina???

Maeda Atsuko: “What? Can I really go home??”

It looks fun to watch as a fan, but just to imagine if I would be there make me feel scared….

I just want to watch a prank show when Takamina says “Go home!!” and everyone starts leaving…

Don’t fool around! Takamina is also sleep as hell!!

If the camera wasn’t filming, Takamina didn’t scold them like this….

↑I think it bothers Takamina, too.

I bet there was actually not any serious problem in this scene.

But….. If they want to act, I want them to act a little better…..

Every time, in every footage, she scold them the same way, and showed no improvement.

I would rather want to say to Takamina “What have you ever learned over these years…?

At least the way she scold the girls is effective to keep the mood serious and tenses.

Takamina got angry in front of camera

Other Senbatsu members: “Because Takamina got so angry, it must be such a grave situation. We also need to work hard otherwise AKB48 will be falling apart…”

Popular members of SKE, NMB: “We learn a lot of stuffs from AKB48 at their events. ”

We can call this flow almost a tradition of AKB48 lol

Hat off to Takamina’s personal magnetism.

No matter how angry she got at juniors, still many junior admire her, attached to her.

Takamina: Acting fury

Oshma: Hiding her inner fury

Mariko once said “Right after Takamina named a captain, our mood was like ‘Why the hell you have a right to say that to us?'” when Takmaina scolds others. She was not the oldest person, and it was the first time cap system was introduced….

But she has become a leader that everyone acknowledges.

Because she’s worked hard. She has been doing what she has to do.

She is working hard and just asking others to work as hard as her.

If they’re told the same thing by someone who doesn’t working as hell, we of course want to snap at the person, “Are you crazy? Chill out dude lol”

But when you’re told by someone who is giving it everything she got, if you have a human heart, you will definitely feel “I’ve gotta work hard! I’ve gotta give it everything I got, too!”

That’s how Takamina has become the current Takamina what we’re talking about.

And if Takamina got it wrong, there’s always Miichan who assist her, as she is good at seeing things objectively.