Team S Yagami Kumi:

Born on June 13, 1994, Aichi / 157cm / Nickname “Kuumin”

She is well-known for her airhead character among fans, but on the stage, she shows off her stunning dancing performance, and this gap makes her all the more attractive.

Kuumin dressed in Pajama welcomes you, as you visit her room. Yes, Her Room!! What a godly setting! Many have said she’s become matured lately. What kind of heart pounding episode are wanting for you?

Team Kll Takayanagi Akane:

Born on November 29, 1991, Aichi / 154cm / Nickname “Churi”

Everyone including her admit the fact that she is a bird lover.

And she is also well known as a passionate leader of team Kll.

Everyone vividly remembers her direct appeal to Akimoto Yasushi in the election last year.

She is the central figure of 2gen members as she’s been in Senbatsu since the 2nd single.

As you expect, Churi loves birds in the game, too. She smiles at me with Origami birds in her hands. You will be allured this romantic worldview!

Team S Kizaki Yuria:

Born on Feb 11, 1996, Aichi / 156cm / Nickname “Yuria”

She has captured huge attentions as one of the candidates of Next Generation’s Ace of the whole 48 group, but Yuria is also known for her airhead character.

Her adorable looks like a cute small animal and her invincible Little Sisterness that makes all members can’t hep but love her…

The place where you date with her is Nagoya-castle. Do you remember? Before, she described the parliament house as Tokyo-Castle, the episode that established her airhead character.

You can expect warm and relaxing date with Yuria.

Team S Suda Akari:

Born on Oct 31, 1991 / 160cm / Nickname “Akarin”

Now  Akarin has taken over the title of “Queen of Handshake event” from AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki. She has been the topic among fans as she always put her heart to a handshake event or 2 shot photo shoot, capturing the hearts of many fans with her openhearted communication, which makes her often dubbed “Fisher”.

The place where you date with her is….. Fishing pond? Without any twist?

As you enjoy fishing at a close distance, your heart will be fished by her innocent smile….