Team Kll Ogiso Shiori:

Born on Sep 15, Aichi / 153cm / Nickname “Shiorin”

Her charming point is her tiny face that is only 16cm long vertically.

And her husky voice uttered from this cute little voice is also allluring.

While she self claims that she is in charge of “Sexy” in team Kll, her personality is very diligent.

The place where you date with her is a Shinto Shrine. As your heart pounding by her in Furisode, you and her write wishes on Ema(Wooden Plaque). What is the word written on it…..?

Team Kll Hata Sawako:

Born on Sep 14, 1988, Osaka / 161cm / Nickname “Shawako”

She is extremely shy, and soon looks down or hide her face with her hair when she catches attentions from people. But her humble character has been received pretty favorably among fans , and she has been rapidly increasing her ranking in the election over these 2 years.

The rendezvous spot with her is, for some reason, TV studio.  Besides, she is dressed like a ballerina!! Does this have something to do with “Kodoku na Ballerina “, Kll3rd “Ramune no Nomikata”!? Will she perform the ballet step for the song that she herself came up with?

Team Kll Mukaida Manatsu:

Born on May 10, 1996, Aichi / 163cm / Nickname “Manatsu”

Stunningly beautiful girl, and her ultra shy character that makes you want to care about her, Mukaida Manatsu has gained many fans by her brilliant smile that she randomly shows.

The place you meet her is the alley way of a high school (and she has entered a high school this year actually). And what she is holding in her hands is….. perhaps….

I bet you you can’t help but want to shout “NNnnnnnnnnn!!”.

Team Kll Furukawa Airi:

Born on Dec 13, 1989, Aichi / 158cm / Nickname “Airin”

Among the SKE48, the group that has many Otaku members and even has a club called “2-dimension club”, Airin is by far the extremest and most hardcore Anime Otaku. Her dream is to become a legendary Anime Song singer that people call “DIVA” of the Anime Song world.

Naturally we expect that we’ll date with her at Comic Market event venue, but somehow it’s a members bar that has a mysterious mood. Dressed in not cosplay but mature dress, what words will she offer to you?