Team 4 fans can make “Hashire Penguin” to win the top 25 spot for upcoming Request Hour 2013?

  October 21, 2012

Honestly I’m no team 4 Ota but the team that has been endeavoring will disappear after the 2nd reformation.

To leave a trace that AKB48 team 4 did exist before, I want to make “Hashire Penguin”, probably it’s not too much to say the representative song of team 4, the 1st spot in the upcoming Request Hour Setlist Best 100

If it’s a normal year, I will vote for a couple of songs that feat. My Oshimen, for this year, I will solely concentrate my votes on “Hashire Penguin”.

I personally like the costumes of the song.

I think it’s impossible to make a miracle like Shonichi in 2009.Now we have a whole lot of choices and votes will be scattered to many songs.

They didn’t give it everything they got. How come I can celebrate them marking the end?

↑But Karen-chan or Tanochan have been putting a whole lot of efforts to theater performance!

↑ But if you talk about that details, we ended up with the point that Tanochan and Karen weren’t in team 4 when the song “Hashire Penguin” was created.