Team 4 fans can make “Hashire Penguin” to win the top 25 spot for upcoming Request Hour 2013?

  October 21, 2012

I wonder if it’s possible to make a miracle like KSE48’s Hazumisaki,

I was moved by “Kodoku na Runner” at last year’s SDN’s “Kodoku na Runner” winning the 3rd spot, and hope the same thing will happen this year, too!

Hazumisaki’s case is different from Hashire Penguin. Because it was for Rikachan, メアリーダー, everyone gladly voted for the song.

Team 4’s break up is a symbol of failure, as it came after the announcement of team 8’s creation, and many people share the same view.

So even if Penguin would win the higher spot, many people just think, “oh… team 4 Ota put tremendous efforts…”. But it would resonate with few people.

Come on…. Team 4 Ota put all of their efforts to thins song!

I’m looking forward to see how much power team 4 had actually.

Please don’t make me disappointed that the song will end up with being performed on day 1 ~ 3…. lol

Yeah, at least I want the song to be performed on the final day!

So is it okay to consider this thread as a kind of fun thread like “Let’s make Moeno win the Sousenkyo!”?

↑Nope lol I’m serious as hell lol

I think unexpectedly we’ll be moved if it will ever be realized….?

For those who consider team 4 as a fail, it’s not a fault of girls but management actually.

Members of team 4 have been struggling to break the image of the team that are spoiled or dull by putting real efforts.

So It’s not a waste to show our support or wish to them for their future.

But I think song-wise, High School Days is better?

But for Shimazaki Ota, that is the biggest group in team 4 fandom, Penguin is a better choice?

I think it’s because “Hashire Penguin” is more widely known to fans than “High School Days”.

I think it just generate Anti sentiment from Anti Shimazaki. It’s better to go with “High School Days”

And those who want to vote for team 4 are the people who of course are familiar to “High School Days”, too.

But personally I go with “Ougon Center” lol

Uhmm But somehow, I think all of team 4 songs except “Hashire Penguin” lack impact…

It’s interesting to see how high “Penguin”, team 4’s signature song can go in AX 2013.

This time is gonna be the song’s last chance as not only it’s meant to be commemorate the break up of team 4 but Oshima Ota will be divided into 3 songs, namely “Heavy Rotation” “Gingham Check” “Nakinagara Hoho’ende”.

It’s a bit hard to create an emotional serge if it’s not a newly released song, but “Tyokkaku Sunshine” doesn’t have a captivating tune, thus I don’t think it can be a good choice.

When I take a look at team 4 fan thread (probably team 4 Members fan thread), almost unanimously they say team 4’s representative song is “Hashire Penguin”.

Those who like each member, probably the choice is more diverse, such as “NEW SHIP” or “Kimi no tameni Bokuha” but I think team 4 Ota must gather up and make it for the team despite fuss created by Anti 4 Ota.

I would rather want to vote for “Hatsukoi ha Minoranai”…

They were all shining brilliantly during the performance of this song at the concert in Kagoshima.