[TV Recap] Cafe & Snack Eden (スナック喫茶エデン) feat. No Sleeves, Episode 1

  October 22, 2012

1. Opening – Cafe & Snack Eden
2. Beautiful Hostess at Perori, Nagisa (Kojima Haruna)
3. Unpopular Novelist, Komuro-san
4. Ayanokoji from Kishidan as a worker at rival hostess club of Perori
5. Ikeda-san as Gay Boy Scout
6. Beni-san as a shy girl who are in love
7. Ending talk

Dark Aura (Negative Aura) = Arrest lol

It’s more like an aura of debt lol

Kojima-san is in a different league.

There’s no single moment where Kojima-san does not look cute.

Kojima-san as “hostess”…. this setting looks too real lol

I’s so funny to see that Komuro now joins this kind of show and being made fun of by AKB48 girls…. This is a legendary show….!

Kinda like talk session rather than improvisation lol

What is this farce lol

I think they can work smoothly with Kojima-san playing a central role.
Kinda looks like Takamina is putting brakes on Kojima-san so that she won’t get out of control.

Don’t you think Kojiharu looks too pale?

Coz she’s been so busy that she couldn’t get enough sleep.

I love thier effort to collect all these cups with lame designs lol

↑Taste of 70’s~80’s


Uhmmm how to put it….. is he a good or bad singer?

Not good lol

I think he is trying to be funny…. lol


I love how badly he is singing.