[TV Recap] Cafe & Snack Eden (スナック喫茶エデン) feat. No Sleeves, Episode 1

  October 22, 2012

1. Opening – Cafe & Snack Eden
2. Beautiful Hostess at Perori, Nagisa (Kojima Haruna)
3. Unpopular Novelist, Komuro-san
4. Ayanokoji from Kishidan as a worker at rival hostess club of Perori
5. Ikeda-san as Gay Boy Scout
6. Beni-san as a shy girl who are in love
7. Ending talk

I’m not sure it’s okay to use this work on TV but it made me cracked up LOL!!

It was so funny!!

I’m impressed by the ability of No Sleeves members to adapt themselves to variety TV show!!

I couldn’t expect TK does a gay Kissing skit.

I love this tedious mood of the show!!

The 3 members of no3bs have a perfect balance when they’re together.

I think if Miichan join the show more, it will be more interesting.

This is such a gorgeous show for Sunday midnight!!

Which was better? Terrace House, or Eden?

↑No comparison here. It’s definitely Eden, but Terrace House is also undeniable…

Seriously the show was way too much laid-back as I expected lol
So many dirty jokes…. I love it!