[TV Recap] Cafe & Snack Eden (スナック喫茶エデン) feat. No Sleeves, Episode 1

  October 22, 2012

1. Opening – Cafe & Snack Eden
2. Beautiful Hostess at Perori, Nagisa (Kojima Haruna)
3. Unpopular Novelist, Komuro-san
4. Ayanokoji from Kishidan as a worker at rival hostess club of Perori
5. Ikeda-san as Gay Boy Scout
6. Beni-san as a shy girl who are in love
7. Ending talk

I want this show to air one a week, actually~.

In the latter portion of the show, I cracked myself up by just looking at Komuro’s face LOL

I love how poorly treated Komuro was.

I have a feeling that in the future episode, Yasusu will come up at the cafe.

It was so funny.
They all look a bit nervous as it’s an improvisation, but it worked th opposite way that they drove out of control lol

Looks like it’s a tough undertaking to find a guest, a popular tv personality, who is willing to guest the show LOL

Miichan’s remark at TK, “Dark Aura”
Kojima-san realized the hidden meaning of Ayanokoji’s remeark “Pu~so” = “Soapland”, and burst into laughter

The color coodination that is a perfect match of the name “Eden”
Retro mood and beautiful cast
Sophisticated mood that wraps around the vulgarness of midnight TV show,
Good tempo and funny unexpectedness,
Kinda like Movie, kinda like Stage Drama,
But it’s a realistic Fantasy…..

Komuro… your kissing owned the whole show actually LOL

Komuro Tetsuya 1:39 AM

How was the show? As expected of CX’s new TV show…. and AKB is tremendous!! No Sleeves….. male members were owned by the girls, weren’t they?

But…. it was very easy for me. Recording is so easy. COz everyone is kind and very friendly.


I though the setting of Takamina’s character that she has a boy friend of 38 years old was a scripted one, but looks like it’s improvisation of her lol

So…. her boyfriend is probably…. as expected…


I think I can accept it if it’s Togasaki…. No….

No, I can’t….. lol

This gorgeous guests lineups, and in order to keep this laid-back, dull but comfortable mood, I can understand this show can’t be a weekly program.

I’m looking forward to the next episode!!