When Matsui Jurina making puns, she looks soooo adorable

  October 7, 2012

↑Everybody’s face…… lol

So cute, she is so cute. Looking at her making puns makes me feel that she is still a 15 years old girl.

She herself surprised by the fact people were amused by her pun in the afternoon TV show, ごきげんよう.

I think she is very smart as she can come up with puns that quickly.

I think people will love her more when people around her retort to her.

Actually she is genius in some sense.

Anyway she has developed this style over these 4 years…. so it’s hard for her to change it at this later date. She just gotta polish this skill to the fullest.

Kojima-san is so tender to Jurina…

After all, Rena, Mariko and Kojiharu, all these girls are very sweet to Jurina.

Who said Jurina is disliked by members? That’s just an Anti campaign of haters of Jurina.

What I’m impressed or astounded by her is she talks in a peer language with Mariko and  Jurina.

Actually I love Jurina all the more because of her cute (but yeah somewhat lame) puns.

NyanMari and Renachan. All of them are the girls that Jurina loves so much.

It’s natural that she can’t help but make tons of puns…. lol

↑When Jurina and Rena are together, sometimes Rena gets an earful of Jurina’s puuns whole day long, they said before lol

If Rena hit Jurina’s head after Jurina made her puns, it’s gonna be sooooo interesting.

↑That’s it. I want her to hit Jurina’s head with a swift smack lol

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