AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka’s “Salty Reaction” flavored Popcorn goes on sale at Movie theaters as Documentary Movie hits screens

  January 30, 2013

The documentary film “DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48 NO FLOWER WITHOUT RAIN — What will girls see after tears?”, which followed AKB48 of 2012, will hit movie screens on Fri.

To commemorate the premiere of the film, “Salt Flavored Popcorn” will be sold at TOHO Cinema Complex – one of the largest movie complex chain iin Japan, nationwide. The name of the popcorn is apparently named after Shimazaki Haruka – also known as Paruru – who is famous for her “salty” reactions to fans at handshake events.

*The original name of the popcorn in Japanese is “AKB48の島崎遥香”塩対応”味オリジナルポップコーン&ドリンクカップ” – AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka’s “salty reaction flavored original popcorn and drink cup”.

Yes, when AKB48 members show not so sweet reactions to fans at handshake events, people lovingly call it “塩対応 (Shio Taiou – Salty reaction)”. And Paruru is one of the most notable member who are famous for her saltiness.

Having Starred in 2 midnight dramas, won 29th Single Janken Tournament (Janken Taikai), 2012 was a thriving year for this girl after she was chosen for AKB48’s single Senbatsu in “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”   for the first time.

During Request Hour Setlist Best100 2013, she mostly performed in Maeda Atsuko’s position, and has been a center of attention as the strongest candidate for next-generation ace.

As her salty reaction was featured in popular TV show “Mecha mecha Iketeru – winder 2 hours long special” (Fuji TV net), Paruru as Salty Member of AKB48 is known all across the country.

*Salty = Unfriendly, indifferent or lifeless attitude

The popcorn set comes with a drink cup, that has an illustration designed by Katayama Haruka (also known as Haachan), captain of AKB48 art club, and logo drawn by Hirata Rina,  (also known as Hilary or Hirari), AKB48 KKS and a member of AKB48 art club.


Paruru’s reactions (aka advertisement?):

Shimazaki Haruka 1/29 21:34

Looks like “Salty Reaction” flavored popcorn will go on sale LOL

So please enjoy “Salt Reaction” kind of photo of me~ LOL


Shimazaki Haruka 1/29 21:54

Shio Ramen (Japanese Salt Ramen).




Fans reactions:

“They are truly amazing businessmen.”

“I wonder if there’s a photo of Paruru’s smiling face on the bottom of a cup that appears when you finished up the popcorn.”

“I bet some people ask vendors to give em just cases of popcorn and a drink cup not popcorn LOL”

“Gosh! After all, it costs over 2,000yen to watch this movie!! (because I can’t overcome temptation to buy this popcorn)”