AKB48 named Tourism Ambassador for Guam, 4 members run 1st Guam international marathon

  February 11, 2013

The Guam government national tourist bureau appoints AKB48 as the tourism ambassador who promotes the charm of Guam.

A swearing-in ceremony will be held in Guam on April 6th, the even of the 1st Guam international marathon.

The Guam government explained the reason why chose AKb48 for their tourism ambassador is because the group has been active worldwide. AKB48 will become the very first “Group” to become the tourism ambassador of Guam.

4 members of AKB48, Takajo Aki (21) and Nakagawa Haruka (21) from JKT48, Miyazawa Sae (22) and Suzuki Mariya (21) from SNH48 will attend the ceremony. The four will also participate the marathon held next day.

General coach of AKB48, Takahashi Minami shared her enthusiasm, saying “As the tourism ambassador, I hope we will be able to tell many people the joy and wonderfulness of Guam that we experienced through our various activities.”

Takahashi Minami’s comment:

“We are so honored that us AKB48 is appointed as the tourism ambassador of Guam this time. For us, Guam is where we filmed music videos for 3 years in a row, the latest one was “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”, and is a place that holds a lot of memories, that is unforgettable and has a sense of closeness for us.

I hope this opportunity will let us tell the wonderfulness of Guam that we experienced to many more people as it’s tourism ambassador.”

Takajo Aki’s comment:

“I’ve been very excited after deciding that I participate in the first memorable Guam international marathon. This is the first time for me to participate in a competitive marathon, thus I’m a bit nervous. But I would like to run the whole distance, enjoying the Nature of Guam.”

Nakagawa Haruka’s comment:

“I will participate in Guam international marathon this time! 

I’ve transferred to JKT48, studying new things, and this time, I will run my first marathon. As long as I try it, I will give it my best.

I will do my best so that I will advance one step further after finishing the goal of the marathon.”

Guam visitors bureau

Guam International marathon