Oshima Yuko wins Popularity Prize of Japan Academy Awards, meeting Maeda again as “Actress”

  February 15, 2013

During the radio broadcasst of “Ninety Nine’s all night Nippon” last night (Feb 15th), the winner of Wadai-Sho prize (話題賞 – popularity award or public attention prize) of Japan Acadeny Awards was announced, and it turned out that AKB48 member Oshima Yuko will be awarded in actor section for her role in “Loan Shark Ushijima”.

Since former AKb48 star Maeda Atsuko, who won the same award for her starring role in “Moshimo Kouko Yakyu no Manager ga Drucker no “Management” o Yondara” (『もし高校野球の女子マネージャーがドラッカーの「マネジメント」を読んだら』 – “What If a Female Manager of a High School Baseball Team Read Drucker’s “Management”?”) will serve as a presenter for the awarding ceremony on March 8th, we are privileged to see the old rivals and best friends meet each other.

Nihon Academy Awards has founded Wadai-sho prize on it’s 3rd year, 1980. The winner of the prize is determined based on votes from listeners of “All Night Nippon“, and thus, the prize is known to be the only prize of Japan Academy Awards that ordinary people can participate the selection process.

Oshima Yuko as Mirai in the film “Loan Shark Ushijima”

This year, the prize got total 24,162 votes from listeners, and Oshima was regarded as the leading candidate at the time of the interim annoucement.

Oshima Yuko, who has long been made her ambition to be an actress public gave us a comment on her winning the prize,

“I’m so glad and honored for being chosen for this great prize for my acting work.

I’m so grateful to everyone who chose me.

Thank so so much.”

On her meeting with Maeda Atsuko at the awarding ceremony, Oshima impressively said,

“I’m very happy that I’m given a privilege to stand on the wonderful stage together with her as an actress, the dream job for both of us. “

Maeda is also delighted by the news, and gave a comment to Oshima saying “Yuko!! Congratulation on your award!! It’ll be a great pleasure to be with you on the stage of Japan Academy Awards. I’m looking forward to meeting you at the awarding ceremony.”

The awarding ceremony of 26th Japan Academy Awards will be held on March 8th at Grand Prince Hotel Shintawaka, Tokyo. The ticket is available at 40,000 yen (incl full course dinner)