AKB48 31st Single title is “Sayonara Crawl” [5 topics]

  April 17, 2013

0. AKB48 31st Single title revealed, “Sayonara Crawl”

1. MayuYukirin reunion!

2. AKB graduates on Google Plus

3. Yamamoto Sayaka and Kojima Haruna got sick

4. Noro Kayo as Evil Dead says “I want to curse Akimoto Yasushi!” LOL

5. SKE48 Spring Concert 2013 – This moving stage makes you speechless….!!


Noro Kayo (29), the former member of SDN48 and AKB48 made an appearance at PR event for the U.S. movie “Evil Dead” (hit the screen on May 3 in Japan) in Tokyo metropolitan area. The movie is the remake of the enormously popular splatter horror “The Evil Dead” in 1981 which was first introduced to Japanese in 1985. The movie had smashing success in Japanese market.

Noro previously declared her candidacy for upcoming AKB48 general election, where girls compete for 64 spots for 32nd single of the group – the event will be held on June 8th at Nissan Stadium –

Noro appeared with grotesque make up, which she said took 1 hour with a help of one makeup artist. When asked who she wants to curse if she possesses an Evil power, she said “The person who I want to imprecate a curse on is Yasushi Akimoto, general producer of AKB48. I want to tell him he should reconsider who to pick for Center”, she revealed a grudge she has had deep in mind for long years.

While Noro also boldly declared,
“since Mariko Shinoda said ‘Come to crush me with all the might you got!”, I will crush her with all my might and help of Evil power.”She soon denined her previous statement, saying “I didn’t actually mean to crush her. I mean it’s impossible to do that without Evil power.” “Those who are prepared to get crushed by Shinoda should try to crush her.
But if there ever be such a girl, I will root for her”, she said.”This is a chance that Akimoto-sensei gave us. So what we gotta do is to respond it immediately and make it count.”

“My close competitor may be Katayama Haruka, ranking-wise. Though you may think it’s not a suitable name name for me, but I want to manage to win a spot at least in Future Girls.”

Then she spotted a writer at Daily sports, who took a photo of Noro and put it up on the paper — which caused speculation that Noro may get enormously fat —
“Oh yeah! Now I remember who I need to curse! Daily Sports!!” she snapped.

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