AKB48 31st Single “Sayonara Crawl” Music Video Unveiled! (Pre-Sousenkyo Single)

  April 30, 2013

MV teaser of AKB48’s 31st single “Sayonara Crawl” (pre-election single, means it contains voting ticket for the general election) is unveiled on 30th April. (The single goes on sale on May 22).

All the visuals for the single is directed by photographer and videographer Ninagawa Mika.

The shoot was took place Okinawa, and naturally is turned out to have girlish and psychedelic worldview of the renowned photographer infused with tropical air of Okinawan beaches and pools.

First performed in public on 28th’s concert, this single has 4 of AKB48 members as Center: Watanabe Mayu, Shimazaki Haruka, Oshima Yuko and Itano Tomomi.

The shoot was took place in Okinawa in March, and the choreography of  the song includes movements inspired from Swimming (Crawl in Japanese always means the swimming stroke) and Synchronized Swimming. 

One of the highlight of the video, where 32 Senbatsu members in Swimsuits accentuated by flowers and blue ocean, is stunning. 


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