AKB48 Budokan Live Concert will be live-streamed on Youtube [3 topics]

  April 18, 2013

・Filming of MC was carried out mid March in Okinawa island.
・The lyrics of the title track include repetitive chanting of word “Crawl ” (クロール – swimming technique)
・MV is directed by Ninagawa Mika, who directed Heavy Rotation’s MV.
・Members are wearing huge head bouquets.
・The filming was took place both in morning and night.
・In some portion of the filming session, Senbatsu members are divided into two teams, and filmed separately.
・Keywords: Nail, Crawl, Transparent and colorful beach balls, swimsuits, Yukari, primal colors, summer festival, Kawaii, Pink, petals

• When Takamina, Tomochin and Sashihara were shopping at Kokusai street after filming finished, they suddenly encountered Paruru.

When they asked what she was doing, she answered that everyone left the hotel already before she woke up.

Therefore Takamina said “Okay we shall go back and shopping with her!!”, to which Tomochin responded “Okay meanwhile I will enjoy Yakiniku (grilled meat, BBQ in Japanese) at restaurant!!”

Takamina later wrote “I was amazed how they are living their lives at their own pace.”