AKB48 Members enjoying Catering Chocolate Banana!! Big Fat Banana! Energy Rich Banana! [3topics]

  April 21, 2013

One of the things that members are anticipating at handshake event is catering food.

Yesterday, oh thank god, one of the highlight of catering was Chocolate Banana, and oh thank god, members thankfully uploaded photos of them enjoying the desert!!

Fan: It looks like they’re offered Chocolate Banana (Choco Banana) for today’s catering desert. I think it’s such a great choice of management. Did you find any members who uploaded useful photos? 

Fan: Set aside whether it’s useful or not, Nacky (Uchiyama Natsuki) uploaded a photo~

Uchiyama Natsuki:

Since we had chocolate banana stall at handshake event, I took a photo with the Banana! 

It was delicious. – (‘ω`)

I’m so lucky~~


Ijiri Anna: I love Choco Banana so much!! But the chocolate portion melts so fast~


Meanwhile Kanakichi (Kadowaki Kanako) making a completely different pitch.


Then suddenly your heart starting to beat ever so fast!

Get prepared! Are you ready?

Nagao Mariya:

We are still at handshake event right now\(^o^)/




They won! They totally won this Choco Banana competition!!

As many fans are buzzing, they certainly uploaded this photo intentionally.

Like “I’m sure if we take a photo holding this Banana, fans will have their imagination spin and have some weird thought!!”

What a professional idols they are!!!

But! Everyone looks pale next to the finishing Queen!!

Watanabe Miyuki:

Thank you for the handshake session.

It finished in the twinkling of an eye (°_°)!

Thank you for coming.

It’s raining today( ̄Д ̄)ノ
Plus, it’s very cold(°_°)

Incidentally I am a fine weather bringer!



What so good about her post is, this is posted after the HS event is over, which means she deliberately chose this photo.

Her Choco Banana is short, which means she is trying to convey a certain message to fans with this photo.

What a profound photo!!

She is the master!!

Tano Yuka: I’m gonna enjoy Chocolate Banana~~~ Oh wait. Guys! Don’t let your imagination run wild!!!!!!

….. yes she is my Oshi, and I’m feeling amazingly awkward right now….