AKB48 Members enjoying Catering Chocolate Banana!! Big Fat Banana! Energy Rich Banana! [3topics]

  April 21, 2013

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Ohba Mina:

Good Morning♪

I would appreciate your favor at handshake event~

This is a front cover of Comic “Young GanGan”, please check  your local bookstore or convenience store to grab the one!9f76ac6f

Omg, I feel so guilty to upload all of these stuffs….. But wait, people on this site are mostly, if not all, overseas fans, so there’s no way for you to actually buy the magazine, right?

Okay okay, so I will buy a bunch of Young GanGan to pay for my silly act, and please do the same if you’re living in Japan!

If you’re living abroad, and no access to the physical copy, please pay for the girls by showing up at events when they come to your place or you come to Japan, and send your love to them!! Or you can always send gift to the girls!!