Akimoto Yasushi raved at NMB48 First Solo Budokan Live Concert [3 topics]

  April 27, 2013
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  2. Akimoto Yasushi raved at NMB48 First Solo Budokan Live Concert
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General producer of AKB48, Akimoto Yasushi (54), raved at 68 girls of Osaka based idol group, NMB48.

“The show was a sort of variety show of all the good things about NMB48. Their momentum, cheerfulness, vigor, everything about them were presented in the show.” raved Akimoto Yasushi.

On the other hand, “For fairy fast and powerful songs, their performance was great as they can move quite fast. But for slow to medium tempo songs, I found their performance lacks expressiveness, and was poorly presented. Say.. for song like ‘Lily’, their performance was still not different from school play, and that’s regretful. 

Song is Drama.

Music acts must ponder upon the meaning of the lyrics and present their own interpretation through acting.”

He also mentioned NMB48 girls’ talking skill.

“They are obviously talented in talking, but they should ask themselves what they can do to leave more impression in audiences.

That is what I expect them to pay attention.

Fans want to pay money to see their performance. And I believe NMB48 girls can do it.” said Akimoto.

[Photograph] (From the left) Mr. Yasushi Akimoto looking at at the performance of NMB48, Matsui Rena and Takayanagi Akane = Nippon Budokan Hall

source: Daily

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