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  April 26, 2013

Haruka Nakagawa: Good news for everybody~~~!

JKT48’s 1st album will go on sale in Japan!!


Finally! Our album will be delivered to you in Japan!!

For more details, please go to visit this website(*^^*)


Tell me, why this girl can speak Japanese so well!!!

Fan: “Does this cost about 1,000 JPY if we buy this in Jakarta? Why do they change the price LOL

Autograph can’T be the reason because we don’t have handshake tickets in this one.

Anyways, 32 USD is quite expensive these days. I wish they priced this more realistically…”

Fan: “It costs less if we import this from Jakarta. I gotta find online store that deal with Indonesian records.”

Fan: “But Indonesian local version doesn’t contain Photos and Autographs LOL”

Fan: “What a pitty!! They don’t have original songs yet?”

Fan: “In radio, Gon said she joined recording of about half of these songs.”

Fan: “In Indonesia, this CD is sold for 1,000 yen.”

Fan: “By the way, I think JKT48 members are better at live singing than AKB48 for sure.”

Fan: “I don’t say they are 100% better than AKB48, but sure, their voice is low and powerful. Certainly, the average level of singing ability of Indonesian is way above that of Japanese. Anyways, what we can say with certainty is they have completely different voices than Japanese female music acts.”

Fan: “I make it a rule not to buy CDs from Branch offices (non AKB48 48 group), but I’m a little tempted to this JKT48’s record LOL”