Murashige Anna aka “Center of Gui Gui Senbatsu” goes aggressive to Itano Tomomi!! [4topics]

  April 22, 2013

Or these days she comes by the nickname “Russian Monkey”? LOL

She has earned lots of nicknames, starting from Aanya (あーにゃ), which is how her name is pronounced in Russian, Shige’an, Murashige, or probably the most creative one, Borushige – combination of Russian cuisine “Borscht” and her name Murashige, this nickname was created by Kitahara Rie.

Anyways, one of the most important movement around her over these months is, of course, Gui Gui Senbatsu*

*GuiGui literally means shove or yank hard, in this context, it may be translated as…

No Fear Senbatsu, or Aggressive Senbatsu

And when she met Itano Tomomi, at the rehearsal for upcoming Budokan live concert, she didn’t disappoint us. She did exactly what we expect from Center of Gui Gui Senbatsu.

Murashige Anna:

So, we did a rehearsal today!
And I saw Miss.Itano there. You know, Miss. Itano is a close friend of Miss. Triendl Reina, I figured I gotta ask one question to her!!!

“Miss.Itano! Miss. Triendl is my role model! I want to be as awesome as her when I grow up!

And…. actually members around me often tell me that I look like Miss. Triendl!!

Can I ask what do you think??”

Then Miss.Itano said,

“Well~ a little~!”

This is great! Next time I meet her, I want her to tell me that I look like her a lot! Until then, I ned to improve myself!!

That’s all! I, Murashige, could go Gui Gui to Miss.Itano!!
(^o^). v




Triendl Reina


A little???

Anyways, Murashige now got a strong rival who is way ahead of her in this Gui Gui thing.

“LOL Borushige, you can’t claim yourself as Gui Gui until you take photos with all Kami 7!!!!”