Portrait of Minegishi Minami with her hair grown back a little [2 topics]

  April 19, 2013

1. Minegishi Minami on Women’s Magazine “Fujin Koron”‘s front cover

2. AKB48 Shinbun (published by Sponichi) presents prediction of AKB48 32nd single Senbatsu General Electio

Cover of the upcoming issue of Women Magazine  “Fujin Koron

Cover says “AKB48 Minegishi Minami: The true reason why I shove my hair”

minegishi minami

OMG! She is insanely cute, yet, breathtakingly noble!!

akb48 wrapup election

Watanabe Mayu(2)010102020202
Oshima Yuko(1)020201010101
Kashiwagi Yuki(3)030304040406
Shinoda Mariko(5)040603030504
Matsui Jurina(9)061007100810
Matsui Rena(10)050505070611
Itano Tomomi(8)070709090707
Kojima Haruna(7)080910111009
Takahashi MInami(6)090806080908
Shimazaki Haruka(23)101315061413
Yamamoto Sayaka(18)1114131317~12
Watanabe Miyuki(19)121212141503
Miyazawa Sae(11)131114121115
Sashihara Rino(4)140408050305
Umeda Ayaka(16)151517~17~17~17~
Takajo Aki(17)1617~17~161617~
Yokoyama Yui(15)17~1611151214
Suda Akari(29)17~17~1617~17~17~
Kitahara Rie(13)17~17~17~17~1316

*Mr.F is Scramble Egg, who watches DMM’s streaming of theater performances in multiple screens simultaneously. He has completely been fished by Watanabe Miyuki.

*Mr.F’s hasn’t determined ranking, he only predicted 16 members of Senbatsu.

*Fans are buzzing that their prediction of Miyazawa Sae’s ranking is too low.

*Fans are talking that there is a consensus among fandom that Minegishi Minami won’t win Senbatsu spot this year.

*Matsui Rena is always predicted high by journalists.

*Fans praised Mr.A that he knows what entertainment is about, as his prediction of Sashihara’s ranking is astounding.

(It is cool if one can make a precise prediction, but as AKB48 is often said to have similar style to WWE or professional wrestling entertainment -at least in Japanese fandom – it is always more appreciated to feed some fun stuff in an elegant way. You know, after all, this is entertainment!! It’s silly to get too serious when the whole point of this is good laugh!)


*It seems predicting Shimazaki Haruka’s ranking is hard.

*16th spot may be competed between Takajo and Kitahara. It’s a little cruel as they are close friends.