SKE48 Ogino Risa’s little sister, who is fighting disease, “One day I want to be SKE48” [5 topics]

  April 27, 2013

1. Matsui Rena and Takayanagi Akane enjoyed a brief off-stage time during Budokan Concert series
2. Matsui Rena is absolutely compatible with young team E members and it’s former leader!
3. Chori’s jealousy for Matsui Rena’s love for Tani Marika
4. SKE48 Ogino Risa’s little sister, who is fighting disease, “One day I want to be SKE48
5. 6th Generation!

Matsui Rena 4/26 21:39

I went to NMB48’s solo live concert~~~~!!

It was full of lovely girls!!

Huff Huff!!



Churi-san and Rena-san came to see our live concert( ゚д゚)♡



Matsui Rena 4/26 23:59

CHuri and I enjoyed Monja-Yaki!! We’ve been dreaming about this Tokyo’s specialty!!

I’ll talk about the details of this as well as NMB’s live concert later!



As expected of Nagoya girls….. They didn’t chop cabbage finely enough (so do I as a person from Osaka….)


Umemoto Madoka 4/26 8:58

Good morning(。・ω・)ノ

Mr. Scrambled eggs has put the photographs of “More than Memories” that we performed yesterday! (´⊙ω⊙`)♡

The photos are from the funny punch line part of the song ♪

Do you think the outfits suit me?(๑••๑)?

130425_15 130425_16 130425_17

Umemoto Madoka

Everyone who goes out for work or schools,have a fabulous day♡

Umemoto Madoka 4/26 9:34

I’m so glad you noticed me and called my name(´˘`)♡

Matsui Rena 4/26 10:19

I love your beautiful body shape!!

Umemoto Madoka 4/26 1:37

Ahhhhhh it means a lot for me that Rena-san gave me such a good word to me! Feelin’ happy!(´˘`)♡


Umemoto Madoka 4/25 23:21

This is new teamE(´∀`)

I do not care that I’m over20 (。-∀-)♡

Don’t you think nobody would notice that I’m (one of few) over 20 among these teens (‘艸`)?

25 - 1

Matsui Rena 4/25 23:50

They are almost wholly teenagers!

Umemoto Madoka /25 23:53

Exactly as you said(´⊙ω⊙`)

(Mizuno) Honoka is making a peace sign (instead of E sign)(º ロ º๑)

I gotta teach her♡

Umemoto Madoka 4/26 0:54

Ms. Rena♡

Let’s work our best!! ฅ(๑•̀ω•́๑)ฅ