Breaking News: NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki to release her first DVD/Blu-Ray [3 topics]

  April 24, 2013

0. Breaking News: NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki to release her first DVD/Blu-Ray

1. What’s up Russin M….. Nope, Russian Orangutan!!

2. SKE48 topics: Takayanagi Akane eats Chicken Karaage!! etc.

Murashige Anna:

Murashige Orangutan!



murashige anna

One word…

What the hell???

Where is she heading for!?!? LOL

murashige anna (1) murashige anna (2) murashige anna (3)

Okay, probably nothing wrong.

She is always like this. Trying to be funny but usually ends up with making people completely awkward….

And good or bad, that has shaped her unique character.

Think about it. If she is just being cool, everybody will realize this girl is insanely beautiful! And that would cause a big fuss!!


Fan: “If she would choose to go royal road for idols, she would be more popular than she is now….”


Fan: “I don’t think so. Even if Murashige could go an authentic way, at some point not too far certainly, she would hit the wall.

Listen, I’m not trying to say the current character of Murashige is 100% right, but Eurasians like Murashige must do something weird in order to gain popularity. Otherwise, people can’t relate to her or feel affinity to her.

I’m putting huge expectations on other Eurasian members like Yukko (Kinoshita Yukiko) or Yogi Keira, but it seems unlikely that they will be popular…

If this is the case, Murashige gotta play it different.”

Fan: “But Murashige is not popular at all, too….”

Fan: “I mean…. She might be less popular than she is now, if she was an idol in a more authentic way. I think we’d better think that she is more popular for her somewhat perplexing character LOL”

Fan: “I can’t get enough of Mentaiko”



Fan: “Definitely. Mentaiko is ridiculously addictive….”

Fan: “Unlike Haruo, Aanya is a strait-laced type of tough guy.”


Murashige Anna, the Aspiring Comedian!!