[ AKB48 4th Janken Tournament 2013 ] NMB48 Preliminary Result

  July 5, 2013

We are very sorry because we cannot deliver this sooner thanks to many things, but here we are!

On the 5th of July 2013, the results of NMB48’s Janken preliminary round was revealed. The winners are as follows.

a (1)

Group A – Koyanagi Arisa (Team M)

Comment: “Last year, while still I was a Kenkyuusei, I couldn’t even get past preliminaries. Now I made it while enjoying it. I did it!!”

04 - 1

Group B – Murakami Ayaka (Team M)

Comment: “It feels great that 3 members of Team M won. With Yagura included–that makes four members of Team M entering the real round–, I want to make Team M known.”

30 - 1

Group C – Okita Ayaka (Team M)

Comment: “I looked into psychology-like things on Janken! I will look into various things to increase my probability in Budoukan!”

04 - 1 (1)

Group D – Kobayashi Rikako (Team BII)

Comment: “I’ll try my best. I will win it with my willpower!”


Group E – Shiroma Miru (Team N)

Comment: “I was so nervous. I tried my best in order not to cry. In the real round, I will try my best so that I won’t cry!”

04 - 1 (2)

Group F – Kamieda Emika (Team BII)

Comment: “I fought without thinking of anything. In real round too, I will fight free of thoughts.”


Group G – Uno Mizuki (Research Student)

Comment: “I will bring along the power of other research students. “The only way is winning” (for Nara prefecture’s sake as well)”


Group H – Morita Ayaka (Research Student)

Comment: “We won’t lose if we go with the feelings to win. I will deliver a “scissors” only streak.”


And here is the video of NMB48’s Janken preliminary round from DMM cuts a Japanese wota has provided us with.

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Source: (Kaneko Google+, NMB48 Ameblo updates)