This just in – JKT48 will release Koisuru Fortune Cookie at the same time as AKB48???

  July 4, 2013


Tonight was the last day of the series of JKT48 concerts throughout 5 big cities in Indonesia. Based on reports from people on the ground and various Twitter channels, towards the end of the concert, there were a few announcements via some pre-recorded VTRs.

One of the announcements stated that JKT48 –at the same time as AKB48– will be releasing AKB48’s 32nd single, Koisuru Fortune Cookie.

How this will work, only God and Aki-P knows.

Who knows, maybe that silly girl that took #1 at Nissan Stadium last month has something to do with this sudden announcement as well?


This article will be updated when (or if) there is an official announcement from JKT48 Official Team or from AKS. However, for the time being, it’s either that the guys at Tennis Indoor Senayan tonight were too dehydrated and started hallucinating at the same time, or it’s another surprise from the 48 group for us fans.

Recording of the Announcement from the concert

How would you react to this if this was, in fact, true?
Or maybe you were there tonight in person, witnessing Sasshi and Takamina on the VTR? Let us know your thoughts!

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