AKB48 Oshima Team K’s last ever shonichi – K4th: Saishuu Bell ga Naru

  February 22, 2014

Saishuu Bell ga Naru Shonichi - Pics & Vids

[Video] Oshibe to Meshibe, ChiiYagi Kiss

>> that’s so erotic

19 Nin Shimai wwwww

19Nin shimai, all has original lyrics!
They also remake the former members’ part. It’s a load of fun. I had always wanted to see this!!!

[Video] Oshima Team K – 19 Nin Shimai no Uta

[Video] Draft Member Gotou Moe & Shimoguchi Hinana’s Ookami to Pride

[Video] Oshima Team K – Kaiyuugyou no Capacity

People like Oshima is amazing
Even though there are so many lyrics and moves to remember…


Arai Hiroki   2/21 3:22

February 20th Saishuu Bell ga Naru Stage

Today the Shonichi for Oshima Team K [K4th Saishuu Bell ga Naru] had started.

With Oshima Yuko’s graduation, the Grand Reformation on the door, we hear opinions that say

“Why now?”

“After all those time, you’re changing stages now?”

Isn’t it exactly because it’s now, that we boldly change the setlist in order to show the “Team K Spirit”?

The stage has turned into the strongest stage, where the General Manager Takahashi Minami and Watanabe Mayu who came to inspect the stage, gave the impression this is the stage where you can find “This is it, the Team K spirit!

We don’t know how many times this stage will be able to be performed but, whether it is in the Theater, Minicinema, On demand, I think this is the stage that we want to be delivered to everyone.

Also, today, the two draftees Gotou Moe and Shimoguchi Hinana performed their theater debut [Ookami to Pride]
Please from now on let’s look after their growth.

With that, on today’s performance, every members each deliver their own expressions.

All photos, just like always, will be available in the official site under [Pacho’s Room] so please refer to the said site.

Pictures from Oshima Team K's Shonichi!

Takamina & Mayuyu attended Oshima Team K's Shonichi

Takamina & Mayuyu cried watching Oshima Team K’s Shonichi

Oshima Team K Saishuu Bell ga Naru Kouen Oshima Team K Saishuu Bell ga Naru Kouen



Okada Hiroshi   2/20 21:08

Oshima Yuko-san, I wonder what she thought that made her tears fell.

It was an amazing Shonichi.
(the picture was taken during costume rehearsal)

Other pictures is scheduled to be uploaded later at night


[Video] Oshima Team K – Sasae

[Video] Oshima Team K – Melos no Michi

That was an amazing stage

Mata Kitena!

This stage is so precious

Saishuu bell ga Naru shonichi was amazing!
We only have such limited time to enjoy this, however, Oshima Team K, please deliver the greatest stage ever!

Jurina cried so hard, it was so moving ><

Oshima Team K Saishuu Bell ga Naru Kouen Oshima Team K Saishuu Bell ga Naru Kouen

Thank you for your hardwork
what a great team

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