SKE48 WrapUp: Jurina’s announcement, Fake goods extermination, memetastic Furuyanagi, AKB48 SHOW! shooting & Rena’s photobook news!

  February 19, 2014

Furuyanagi's version of the popular News Meme! & Oops, possible leak?


The recent popular meme, the news meme, came from a comment a guy made in a news when asked about the recent heavy snow throughout Japan.

He said, with his lover clearly embarrassed beside him, “I love the special feelings that overflow when it snows while you’re with your loved ones.

This sparked a massive internet meme (which you can see here), and topics in the 2ch that it’d be great if there are members’ version of this. It turned out their hope would be realized further than just a fanart of one of the most prominent konbi.

Furukawa Airi   2/19 19:17 PM

18 - 1

Furukawa Airi   2/19 19:21

Everyone who doesn’t understand the joke, go look it up!

Fan’s reactions:

When I thought it’s fake, it’s actually REAL! wwwwwwwww
What the hell are you two doing wwwwwwww

What the heck is this wwwwww

IT CAME!!!! wwwwwwww

Just not long ago the topic of how we want a member version of this came out but I have never thought of members actually doing it…
They even prepared the umbrella…

>>*Airin stalking the main and sub-thread is a tacit understanding

What Costume is this?
>> Escape

Why are they using Escape costume? Are they performing it somewhere?

>> in MJ (Music Japan) they performed the new single, it seems they are performing it in AKB Show filming
Today there are two filming at the same day, I was told by insiders

>> is that for real?! If we can see a full performance, it’ll be euphoric!

Umemoto Madoka’s Official blog post, 2014.02.18 18:25:

Filming and stage performance ☆


The filming has finished♪

Today I took part in [AKB48Show] and [Music Japan] filming ヾ(´ー`)
There are things that I would like to tell you about the filming but I will update you later after broadcast date

Since I feel like telling you, please look forward to it okay(*´∀`*)
Madoka ☆(-^∇^-)☆

[Good News] The new single in MJ, AKB48 SHOW! is NOT the reverse version

Source: 1, 2

AKB48 SHOW!'s Performance List is Godly!

What fans speculated in the previous article came true in the updates the AKB48show blog upped today.

First was the new single, Mirai to Ha?


Not only that it won’t be reversed, it will be in full size!
Also, the one that many fans has been waiting for:


Escape is one of the songs that was included in the shooting! Not only that, there is a special performance from the soon to graduate Mukaida Manatsu, in which she was allowed to pick the members she wanted to perform with in her center song, Finland Miracle.

However the line up was a special line-up, with the explanations written by the AKB48Show blog.

AKB48 SHOW! Lineup

And so there are two SKE48 unit songs.
[Finland Miracle], the song made for the soon to graduate Mukaida Manatsu.

At the end after being troubled with whom she would perform together and if it would be okay to do so, with the thought of letting Manatsu herself to decide the member she hoped to perform the most, upon consulting the SKE48 management about this,

“If it is the member that Manatsu hoped for to perform with, whoever they are, we will provide the schedule for them”

was the replied we received, and thus we asked the person herself.

The answer was “Yakata Mikichan and Abiru Rihochan”.

With these three members, a [Finland Miracle].


Abiru Riho mentioned this in her blog,



was the very first time for me to go for AKBShow filming~
My first AKB48 SHOW!
It was very fun ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
It’d be great if I would be able to go to that studio again…

Yesteday, I performed that particular song
I am sure for that member to sing that particular song, yesterday must the last time for her.

For me,
She’s a very big presence, with me loving her so much
Yesterday even though I sang it with smile,
right now, when I regained my composure, somehow I feel the loneliness… (´;ω;`)

I want the video
to be a version that the fans will treasure for eternity…>_<…


The other one unit that was mentioned in the blog was well known [Ookami to Pride] performed by the rising Research Student Konbi dubbed as [UHAIsa], which consists of Kitagawa Ryouha and Orito Aisa.


Fans reaction:


My heart turned really sensitive

AKBSHOW is a Kami show indeed!!!

This is AMAZING!
and for Escape to be performed, THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!


Rena's 2nd Photobook!

Matsui rena   2/18 7:57

Good morning

It has been decided that the second photobook will be released on April 1st
There is a detailed information of it written in Today’s Nikkan Sport’s magazine.

How there will be events at five biggest cities, how I am allowed to do things that I want to do.

in order to make a photobook that many people want to get their hands on, I was also allowed to give my ideas during the creation process.

I am very happy that I finally be able to tell you.
Please look forward to it


When she said 5 big cities, I guess it’s:


don’t you think?

5 Big city maybe

Rena-san’s photobook will be even more aggressive than Kingyo it seems

1902c2f4In the description, it was said that this photo book will cover every facets of Rena, from anime, train, even her maniac sides.

This photoshoot also involves not only one but three different cameramen to encompass the different atmosphere. It wants to be a photoshoot that can show “This is the current Matsui Rena!”