Updates on SNH48 3rd Generation Selection!

  February 20, 2014

SNH48 3rd Generation Selection!

Some time ago, SNH48 announced that they will be holding auditions for their 3rd Generation candidates, which will (most likely) form Team HII.

Now we have new updates on it from SNH48’s official Weibo!

SNH48’s self post activity for their 3rd Generation has officially started!

First of all, what is a self post activity? The candidates post pictures

Previous generations' statistics

  1. First Generation auditions in 2012
    38,066 candidates, only 24 were selected.
  2. Second Generation auditions in 2013
    47,976 candidates, only 34 were selected.


Pre-requisites: Age between 16-22.

Activity Duration: 18 February 2014 to 11 May 2014.

Voting (will touch on this later) Duration: 11 May 2014 to 18 May 2014.

Activity Details

  1. Create a new thread in the entertainment section of the SNH48 official fan club, and fill in a table which after includes: ID, Nickname, Birthdate, Star Sign, Blood Type, Where they are currently living, Height, Special Talents, Hobbies, Whether they have auditioned for previous generations.

  2. Only one thread per candidate, and at least 5 pictures of the candidate must be in the thread. There must be at least one photo of the candidate not wearing make-up (for obvious reasons)

  3. They are allowed to put videos and recordings related to their talents.

  4. The title of the thread must include “三期生招募自爆贴” which is the name of the activity.

  5. If found out that any content is fake, various punishments will take place.

The top 10 girls with the most votes will directly proceed to the next round.


Do you admire the SNH48 when they are on stage?

Do you want to be like them, taking a step at a time to achieve your dreams and proving yourself?

Do you want to be someone as good as SNH48 Team SII’s Mo Han?

Do not hesitate!

We await you to fulfill your dreams!

Source: http://club.snh48.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=25501&extra=page%3D1