Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Kitahara Rie

When Kitahara Rie first joined AKB48, she was immediately one of the members that would get pushed very often, she was even considered to be one of AKB’s future aces at the time.

She has an amazing stage presence and does great MCs, it’s hard to miss her in theater shows! So her place has always been in senbatsu, she’s been in senbatsu from the very beginning.

Even when senbatsu was Top 21, she was Top 16. People wonder why she suddenly dropped in 2013 and give out a lot of theories but in reality, Kitarie’s votes never dropped.

Her vote count between 2012 and 2013 actually increased – even in 2014!

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Kitahara Rie

(Even though she increased in votes, she still dropped and Rie doesn’t look too happy about that..)

2012 Sousenkyo Results26,531 votes (13th place)
2013 Sousenkyo Results33,121 votes (21st place)
2014 Sousenkyo Results34,666 votes (19th place)

source: 48pedia

Her votes have not dropped. Not once.

She’s worked very hard her entire 48 career and even when she did drop, she didn’t let it get to her. Remember when she was on AKB48 SHOW and had that talk with Takamina?

She cried and told Takamina that even though she’s not in senbatsu anymore, she’ll always cheer on others, especially her juniors like Kojimako, Naachan, and Miki – and that she would never graduate over something like not being in senbatsu or hating elections.

But in her blog, she expressed wanting to return to senbatsu, her goal is senbatsu.
She wants the 12th place because it’s higher than the other ranks she’s gotten in the past.

So please, let’s help NGT48’s captain reach her goal.
She needs all the help she can get to finally reach that 12th place goal she’s been aiming for.

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Kitahara Rie Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Kitahara Rie

She’s going to be an amazing captain who is going to encourage the NGT girls to never let anything hold you back from accomplishing your dreams and goals – and what better way to show her that we’re rooting for her than by voting for her? Even if it’s just one vote, it all counts!

I can go on but I have to keep this short so thank you! And I hope you all continue to support Kitarie no matter what the outcome at elections is!

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Kitahara Rie

Source: unagi oshi @ tumblr

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