SKE48 Kizaki Yuria’s heavenly photo thread!!!

Can your heart stand the stunning beauties of these AKB48 girls???

‘DOCUMENTARY of HKT48’ Movie Director Sashihara Rino fulfilled her Sosenkyo campaign promise to perform in bikini

Real-life Sexy Loli Mukaichi Mion stole the show at Tv-Tokyo Ongaku-Sai…! (probly NSFW)

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[Tumblr Contest] Shade’s AKB48 2014 Janken Taikai Prediction Contest


Credits for the above chart to TiduShoko at Stage48; labelled circles added by Shades for the purpose of this contest. This tumblr post is taken from: The tumblr contest is

AKB48 5th Janken Taikai (Tournament) Preliminary Result


Over the weekend, the 48 Group held their first ever Summer Festival ( Natsu Matsuri ) that also coincide with the Janken Taikai Preliminary Round and the National Handshake Event.