Grand Reformation Festival in February & Request Hour 2014 Day 4 rankings

“XX!! Don’t stare at me!!” pictures of AKB48 Members

Real-life Sexy Loli Mukaichi Mion stole the show at Tv-Tokyo Ongaku-Sai…! (probly NSFW)

Mukaichi Mion vs Miyawaki Sakura vs Owada Nana – Who is the most famous in Japan?

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Congratulation to Hirata Rina, Omori Miyu and Sasaki Yukari! 12th generation KKS trio promoted at last


Takahashi Juri   4/28 21:30 Congratulation!!!!I’d been always waiting for you all♪ Iwata Karen   4/28 21:35 Ah… AhhhhhhhhhhhHHHWWWWWWWWWWWW(´;д;`) Lots of lots of emotions are flowing out of myself(´;д;`) Anyway, I’m incredibly

AKB48 announced 5-Dome Tour in 2013 Summer and Team Shuffle at Budokan Concert Final


Under girls “Bara no Kajitsu” (Fruits of Roses) – Coupling song to 31st Single “Sayonara Crawl” During the encore of today’s show (nighttime), AKB48 announced 5 dome concert tour in this summer.

AKB48 Group Budokan Concert Series 2013 – Day 4 (Daytime) Setlist and Photos


Pancho: It’s starting now! The first song is “RIVER ~ Special ver. by 48G ~” Ozaki (HKT48): We have lots of media too!! Lots of cameras!! *Ishihara-P, Yuasa (at King

AKB48 Rinji Soukai Budokan Concert Series 2103 – Day 4 (Night) Set List & Pictures


01. Takahashi Minami’s Jane Doe 02. AKB48 – Gingham Check 03. SKE48 – Choco no Dorei 04. NMB48 – Gingham Check 05. HKT48 – Suki Suki Sukippu! 06. 48Group –

AKB48′s solo concert at 48G Budokan Concert Series – Kasai Tomomi’s graduation Ceremony


Part 1 Part 2 Kasai Tomomi’s graduation Ceremony AKB48 Group Budokan Live Concert Series “Extraordinary General Meeting”. The group that marks the finale of solo concert series is, as you already know,

HKT48′s solo concert at 48G Budokan Concert Series – Setlist and Photos


Setlist Members G+ posts after the show Togasaki: AKB48 KKS are rooting for HKT48 from the audience seats!! Check out Pancho’s photo reports of HKT48 Budokan Concert Also check out Oricon’s

NMB48′s solo concert at 48G Budokan Concert Series – Setlist and Photos


NMB48’s solo Budokan Concert at “AKB48 group extraordinary general meeting” concert series Day 2 (NMB48) Setlist Shadow announcer: Watanabe Miyuki M1: Nandeyanen Idol (Why the heck idols) by ALL M2:

SKE48’s solo concert at 48G Budokan Concert Series – Setlist and Photos


AKB48 group Budokan Concert “Extraordinary General Meeting” Day 1 (SKE48) setlist Shadow announcer: Kimoto Kanon M1: Nakama no Uta (A friend’s song)  by ALL MC M2: SKE48 M3: Banzai Venus