Final Results of AKB48 41st Single General Election 2015 – Sashihara Rino blasted away her rivals with 190K votes!

Can you explain why you can still be Sashihara Rino’s fan?

Mukaichi Mion vs Miyawaki Sakura vs Owada Nana – Who is the most famous in Japan?

‘DOCUMENTARY of HKT48’ Movie Director Sashihara Rino fulfilled her Sosenkyo campaign promise to perform in bikini

Archive for Itano Tomomi (板野友美) by AKB48WrapUp  •  Itano Tomomi (板野友美) 

Itano Tomomi wins the 9th spot in Best Jeaninst 2012 poll


” Itano-san is just freakin’ cool. ” Congratz Tomochin!! ” I can’t see Sugi-chan’s name…. ” ….. If fans work collaboratively it’s so easy to make Tomochin to win this ranking…

Itano Tomomi joins the collaboration with Idol Audition Game Aikatsu! and one more story about ghosts


can i get my ex back ” Look at the top left corner of this photo((((;゚Д゚))))))) ” ? I can't see anything? ” You can see a woman's face with

Tomochin points out Yukirin Look Alike Mario Cart character and 2 more on Shinoda Mariko


. ” After all, Yukirin has a cuteness that reminds of mascot characters. Such as Black Marimokkori, Yossy, NokoNoko, New York Mets’s Mascot….. LOL ” As always, Tomochin retweets to

This is 48 group South-East Asia's Senbatsu members!!


guide how to get your boyfriend back 1. Watanabe Mayu 113 2. Kashiwagi YUki 85 3. Oshima YUko 61 4. Takahashi Minami 55 5. Itano Tomomi 44 6. Matsui Jurina

(Pickups) Watanabe Miyuki made a great leap, selling a lot of 28th Single UZA and 4 more!!!


” Gingmah→UZA (KObetsu handshake event) **Oshima 18/18→18/18 Kashiwagi 13/18→16/18 (2 almost Sold Out) *Shinoda 10/18→14/18 (3) ***Rena *9/18→11/18 (2) *Mayuyu *7/18→*6/18 (3) ***Milky *0/18→*5/18 (3) Takamina *5/18→*4/18 (2) **Kojima *4/18→*3/18

LOL’d at fake AKB48! and 4 more


. ” Come on! Fake Minegishi is awful!!! ” LOL Masuda Yuka said they look like the real AKB48! ” At least, the fake Miichan looked like the real one.

Kawaei Rina to appear in TV commercial for Cup Noodle Real vol.3!!!


” Itano Tomomi – Nisshin Cupnoodle “REAL” – Type-A (Interview in the room) It becomes a (cake) Tree. At first, we started from the same level.  (Footage from Tokyo Dome

Another legendary episode of Itano Tomomi, and 2 more!


She once again has increased lists of he legendary episodes…… I missed the show. Please can you just quickly sum up what happened?? Ogune~ (おぐね~) snapped at Pikako (ピカ子) →Pikako

AKB48 Members, Itano Tomomi, Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki star new Ad campaign for Cupnoodle



Congratulation, Acchan, on your graduation!! (TV Viewer Rating, Members Blogs etc.)


 .     . “So many pictures of Acchan on the walls!! “Look! Acchan in this photo looks sooooo cute!Is she wearing a sash or something?The word on the sash starts

Yuihan has such a high standard for gags and comedies (and 3 more)


Yuihan has such a high standard for gags and comedies Is it only me that think Yuihan laughs a lot when she is with Comedians from her home region Kansai? haha…. (・∀-`;) “I

Tomochin’s aggressive Skirt Flip in performance of Gingham Check and 3 more


how to get your ex back Tomochin’s aggressive Skirt Flip 90:30~ “Tomochin-san handsomely showed off her “Skirt Flip”Oh…. She copied Nogizaka’s renowned choreo…. “( ゚∀゚ ) “Chintomo-san…. This is so

Sashihara Rino revealed another cute episode of Itano Tomomi aka Tomochin-san


as “Wait! Chintomo-san can’t take medicines without “Okusuri Nometame – the name of the jelly drink”?That’s exactly what I expect from Chiintomo-san!! “How she can have such a perfectly attractive

Maeda Atsuko’s Final MV “Yume no Kawa”


Updated with PV Preview ;D “夢が適ったら, 迎えに来るよ…”

Latest AKBINGO! review (Miyawaki Sakuratan is so cute, Yokoyama-Family, and many more)


“First, let’s begin with the most prominent member, HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura“Whoa… BINGO! is so amazing!“Wow!This is amazing! Sakuratan is taking the Lead Guitar!“This is a godly occurrence! all of you

Aiso no Mi – AKB48 Murder Case FILE-2


AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko’s Admiration at Oshima Yuko’s Voluptuous Cleavage with the words “They sure are big…” The members of the popular idol group AKB48 have become the suspects of a murder

Team K’s Okinawa Concert


ItanoTomomi ✔ @tomo_coco73 Once I took a photo with Oshima it was backlit.(lol) 2012 7月 22 返信 リツイート お気に入りに登録 Increasing to reveal more details… I would’ve been so grateful if