Grand Reformation Festival in February & Request Hour 2014 Day 4 rankings

AKB48 13th Gen Iwatate Saho aka Sahhoo shows her humanity for her fan who wants to Commit Suicide

Big Next to Loli: HKT48 2nd generation draft member Imamura Maria makes little girls look like titans

Real-life Sexy Loli Mukaichi Mion stole the show at Tv-Tokyo Ongaku-Sai…! (probly NSFW)

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Finalist of Miyamoto Amon produced Musical ‘Oz’ selected!


“ Miyamoto Amon produced musical, finalists have been selected!!!!! Umeda Ayaka from team KSaito Makiko from SKE48 KKSNakamura Mariko from team 4Nakaya Sayaka from team AMasuda Yuka from team BYamamoto

Team B members list


Last update: Jun 16 2012 Ishida HarukaAgency: Hori ProductionNickname: HarukyanBirthday: Dec 2 1993Official websiteGoogle plus (English)Official blogTwitter Kasai Tomomi Agency: Hori ProductionNickname: Tomo~mi (Chuu)Birthday: Nov 16 1991Official websitebGoogle plus (English)Official blogTwitter Kashiwagi YukiAgency: Watanabe ProductionNickname:

Does your Oshi-men actually look like your ex-girlfriend?


I can reveal myself as an idol otaku. But it’s gross if I seemingly have a lingering affection for her. “Actually that’s how I have become AKB Ota….. lol“Masuda looks

Members Comments One Night After The Election – Undergirls (From Weekly Playboy)


32th Shiori Ogiso For the first time ever I could be standing on the stage of Budo-Kan…. it was such a happy moment…This is also the first time I will

Momiman Festival


Yudai Takenaka on G+ (producer of NOTTV (mobile (Smart phone) TV broadcasting company)) Hello everyone.These days we are often flirted/fished by “pictures” on G+, but today we present you flirting/fishing

Gatekeepers of Senbatsu, Tomomi Kasai, Minami Minegishi, Rie Kitahara and Yui Yokoyama


Iron-tight defense of Kasai, Minegishi, Kitahara and Yokoyama “Their iron-tight defense has crushed the dreams of many fresh faces.This time they enough showed how powerful they are by defeating Sayanee

Fanmade Election Poster For Yuka Masuda (and video footage of Darekanotameni Project in Miyagi)


Fanmade  poster of Yuka Masuda, which is a parody of comic series “地獄のミサワ / Jigoku no Misawa“ 僕は去年よりも本気になる・・ I’ll be more serious than last year.. (Lyric of Manatsu no SG!)

Sayaka Akimoto Shared A Photo She Took With Former Teammate Rumi Yonezawa


Sayaka Akimoto shared a photo she took with her former teammate Rumi Yonezawa through her twitter account. Today (27th) was the final day of the Musical Roman Holiday which Sayaka

Early Result Announcement: Team B Oshi’s Reaction At AKB Theater


“Let’s talk about your impression on Jiji’s official video “News Flash!! Top3 are Oshima, Kashiwagi and Mayu!” Yesterday’s stage at AKB theater was performed by team B. This footage introduces

27th August At AKB Theater Will Be Atsuko Maeda’s Last Stage As A Member Of AKB48


Atsuko Maeda will wrap up 6 years of her history as the Center of Japanese idol group AKB48 on 27th August this year at AKB Theater in Akihabara. On the

Which Car Most Resembles Each Member Of AKB48?


This is just a fun staff 😉 From two channel “Which Car Most Resembles Each Member Of AKB48?” “ Takamina (Minami Takahashi): Kei-car equipped with turbo engine or ? Sayaka

Forecast Of the Election Result For Sayaka Akimoto, Amina Satoh, Yuka Masuda, Asuka Kuramochi and Ayaka Umeda


It’s been a long we since we last saw faces of 5 undertakers of AKB48, Sayaka Akimoto, Amina Satoh, Yuka Musuda, Asuka Kuramochi and Ayaka Umeda in Senbatsu. Of course

Common Things For Newbie AKB Fans


Guinness record of over 300 members with repertoire of more than 600 songs, AKB is not a soft world to step in for newbie fans. Everyone had a funny mistakes

Iiwake Maybe Is The Last Kami Kyoku of AKB48?


When we talk about AKB’s Kami Kyoku (神曲), there’re several songs we can never miss. Some says the ‘latest’ song which can be categorized in Kami Kyoku is Iiwake Maybe,

The Time Has Come To Launch Our Ultimate Weapon Yuki Kashiwagi


When we think about who will make her solo debut next after Rino Sashihara, Mayu Watanabe, Misaki Iwasa, Tomomi Itano and Atsuko Maeda, it’s not difficult to guess what names

AKB Members Recognition Ranking


Through the group’s name, AKB48 is widely known to almost the entire population of Japan as well as their dedicated fans spread out through a number of countries. However, even

Fans that keep interrupting Team K’s show are scolded by Akimoto Sayaka


Story: AKB48’s revival concert series has started on May 3rd 2012. It has drawn attention that Sayaka Akimoto scolded some fans during team K’s Revue concert on May 4th. That