AKB48’s 41st Single “Halloween Night” first public performance at Music Day 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, please give me pictures of Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru!

AKB48 Tano Yuka flashes her rock solid abs during ANN broadcast

Team 8 Yokoyama Yui joins the list of the victims of Paruru The Doctor’s Salty Barbs

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[WrapUp Post] Paruru’s First Photobook, 48 Hours Terebi, and 2 more!


Recently there has been a rumor about Paruru’s new photo book that will be released on 19th of July. The rumor might be true, due to the never-seen-photo before and

SKE48 announces 2013 Spring Solo Concert in Nagoya, The Last Stage for the 9 graduating members


Photo: Former SKE48 theater manager Yuasa, announced the spring concert will be the last stage for the 9 members graduate in this spring SKE48, a sister group of AKB48, based

Kobayashi Marina shared Oshiri Tomato photo on Google Plus and one more about AN・RI・RE


” ” Definitely AN・RI・RE Probably they’re going to make an official anouce soon? ” The 3 make a perfect combo! They will certainly become Hit! ” Almost certainly Kato and

SKE48 Furuhata Nao has become 2nd most popular member in team E soon after promotion


“10th Single “Kiss datte Hidarikiki, Theaer Version Sales” “Soon after promotion….? Awesome… “She sells unusually a lot.I guess she will be competing for the no.3 position of SKE in 2

Why Couldn’t Team 4 Stop SKE48’s Big Breakthrough?


1 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2012/05/31(木) 11:55:44.47 ID:zOjhScyN0 After all, would Team 4 even exist if it wasn’t thanks to AkiP’s mercy?? 2 :明智光秀 ◆jLh6gHUZvc :2012/05/31(木) 11:56:13.95 ID:CXm4eXTUI It’s because AkiP loves Jurina…. lol 3 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2012/05/31(木)

Why Does Haruna Kojima Look so Happy when Dancing?


1 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2012/05/31(木) 12:03:54.12 ID:2WhVRQqn0 When she dances, she is like “THE IDOL”!Though she looks dull off stage, she starts exuding the aura of idol once she is on the stage…This

2 Shot Photos Go Beyond Groups’ Borders


Mayuyu and NMB’s Hall of fame Cosplayer Momoka Kinoshita  J (SKE) and Milky (NMB)  Kinchan (Shiori Kaneko of SKE) and Maachun (Mayu Ogasawara of NMB)  Airi Furukawa (SKE) and Momoka