[ Light Post ] AKB48 members Graduation Album Pictures from the past! Can you recognize all of them?

Let’s share the cutest photos that you have in your HDD!!

Ikuta Erika of Nogizaka46 strikingly resembles Horikita Maki

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

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Members comments on Mitsumune Kaoru’s graduation + 1 more on Shinoda Mariko’s mini party with kids(?)


1. Shinoda Mariko’s mini party with kids(?) members 2. Members comments on Mitsumune Kaoru’s graduation 1/2 3. Members comments on Mitsumune Kaoru’s graduation 2/2 ” Okutama has become so hairy^^ Time

Nakagawa Haruka’s transfer to JKT48 has already been determined to be on May and one more


” ” Ohhhhh!!!!! Considering that there’re tons of illegal downloads of the content, I hope they will present more insentive to pay money for this service!! First of all, I

AKB48 Nakagawa Haruka's First Pitch for the Baseball game was Strike, No Bounce, Outstanding!!


On 28th, AKB48 member Nakagawa Haruka threw a first pitch for the NPB's baseball game Yakult Swallows vs Hanshin Tigers as announced several days ago. Oota Aika  9/28 17:44 ふぁいてぃん! Harukagon!! Why don't

AKB48 Masuda Yuka raved by co-stars of her starring musical Whiz


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(Pickups) Watanabe Miyuki made a great leap, selling a lot of 28th Single UZA and 4 more!!!


” Gingmah→UZA (KObetsu handshake event) **Oshima 18/18→18/18 Kashiwagi 13/18→16/18 (2 almost Sold Out) *Shinoda 10/18→14/18 (3) ***Rena *9/18→11/18 (2) *Mayuyu *7/18→*6/18 (3) ***Milky *0/18→*5/18 (3) Takamina *5/18→*4/18 (2) **Kojima *4/18→*3/18

Maeda Atsuko: “I don’t want to have a relationship until I achieve my set goal as an actress”


” Atsuko “I will be living together with Oshima Yuko and Nakagawa Haruka, for this month.” “After I announced my graduation, a sort of mental barrier that we’d created between

JKT48 (ジャカルタ48) = ANOMALY …. WHY ??


JKT48 has been coloring Indonesian music scene for about 9 months now, you could say that JKT48 is a phenomenon in Indonesia, because JKT48 has been giving something new (likely

Maeda Atsuko and members alleged goukon party: Shunkan Bunshun already prepared a Further Story


“So they will release further information…?? “Though they say they intentionally selected less shocking photos,Otas hearts have already been completely broken….If they release more shocking ones…. I…. I don’t want

Fuss on Nakagawa Haruka fan thread and possible Yakuza relation of the Karaoke Store


There’ve been tons of comments that accuse Nakagawa Haruka (as well as Oshima Yuko) on her Google Plus account (and 2ch’s Nakagawa Haruka fan thread) when she updated her G+ last night.

Shukan Bunshun releases photos of Maeda Atsuko scandal


Graduation from AKB48 & Right after the lifting of “Love Ban Law”… We deliver you astounding scoop photos!!! Maeda Atsuko “お姫様だっこ (Carried in man’s arms like a princess!!!)” Her date

Fanmade video of JKT48 Theater Opening Ceremony/Performance, Akicha etc.


Fanmade video of JKT48 Theater Opening Ceremony/Performance Fanmade video of Akicha!! 。 Akicha, Harugon and Mochiko will join today’s theater together! Never miss fan reports tonight!!

Check out AKB48, Akicha, and Harugon in Indonesian Local News!!


Check out AKB48, Akicha, and Harugon in Indonesian Local News!! Akicha was moved to tears as fans sent warm words to her to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of French Kiss,

Is it true that Haruka, Acchan and Yuko are sharing a room together?


Some twitter source of HS event reported saying they had asked Yuko if this rumor was true and Yuko didn’t deny it.But awhile back, there was a time when Akicha,

Akicha and Haruka back home from Jakarta, immediately start working!


Akicha and Haruka flew back from Jakarta on a flight that arrived at Narita Airport on 7:15, NH938.

Haruka: “テリマカシー!” (Terima Kasih!) (3 photos)


Akicha, Harugon conduct preliminary inspection of their new home in Jakarta


Akicha shed tears when Indo fan said this warm word to her during high-touch event


【JKT48 Theater Opening Ceremony and Performance】