Grand Reformation Festival in February & Request Hour 2014 Day 4 rankings

Can your heart stand the stunning beauties of these AKB48 girls???

‘DOCUMENTARY of HKT48’ Movie Director Sashihara Rino fulfilled her Sosenkyo campaign promise to perform in bikini

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

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Koisuru Fortune Cookie MV is out!! (and one more about Suuchan’s first Kiss)


Koisuru Fortune Cookie – Fall in Love Fortune Cookie, MV is out! Believe it or not, there have been tons of car crashes in Japan since the song came out.

Yokoyama Yui is Team A’s New Captain! Members’ thoughts & pictures from Shinoda Mariko’s graduation at Fukuoka Yahoo Dome


Sunday, 21st of July 2013 marked the calendar as one of the saddest days in the 48 Group history as 1.5 generation member Shinoda Mariko officially had her Graduation Ceremony

Mayuyu’s Galaxy isn’t working right and 3 more about Karen, Yuttan and Unit Matsuri 2013


” ” Staff at NHK: “She ruined it…..” (←Fan’s joke) LOL ” ↑NHK has IshiharaP….. If it’s him, everything is gonna be alright…..!! ” Photographer Erokyan  = Ero Can Do

Tomosatsu vol.127 by Suzuki Shihori ~ from FRIDAY


This week’s Cameraman is….. Suzuki Shihori.  As a part of the TV program, recently she joined the training session for professional models. “Model has been an endearing job for me. If I’ll

(Pictorial report) AKB48 Janken Tournament Bracket


On July 8, trials for AKB48 29th Single Senbatsu Janken tournament was held at Kobeastu handshake event for AKB’s 26th single “Manatsu no SG!”. Team A Takahashi Minami: “Luck is also

Team B members list


Last update: Jun 16 2012 Ishida HarukaAgency: Hori ProductionNickname: HarukyanBirthday: Dec 2 1993Official websiteGoogle plus (English)Official blogTwitter Kasai Tomomi Agency: Hori ProductionNickname: Tomo~mi (Chuu)Birthday: Nov 16 1991Official websitebGoogle plus (English)Official blogTwitter Kashiwagi YukiAgency: Watanabe ProductionNickname:

Seiyu Senbatsu ‘No Name’ Will Make Single Debut In August


New subunit from AKB48, No Name, the group consists of Seiyu Senbatsu members, will make a single debut on 1st August, the source said. The single features Kibou ni Tusite

Common Things For Newbie AKB Fans


Guinness record of over 300 members with repertoire of more than 600 songs, AKB is not a soft world to step in for newbie fans. Everyone had a funny mistakes

Sales Figure of Nagiichi Shows A Huge Leap, (and 2 more stories about Special Girls and Miyu Takeuchi)


During the Revue at AKB theatre yesterday, MV of 3つの涙 /Mittsu no Namida was unveiled for the first time. According to the fans who were at the theatre yesterday, the MV features

Let’s Appreciate AKB0048, EP2


AKB0048 EP2!! Let’s dig into the story from the opening scene! I thought this place was ‘Lancastar orbit station‘ which was on the flight ticket appeared in the last episode,

Jurina Expresses Her Desire To Join Team K’s Revue Fast, (and 3 Other Stories About Komariko, Miichan and Chikarina)


Yesterday, the photo in which Team B member Rina Chikano aka Chikarina dressed in sexy cloths surfaced on G+. Yuta Niizuma G+ (Comedian who co-stars TV show with AKB members)

Things likely to happen when AKB rent out Disneyland


Since AKB48 is more of music act or performance but rather a project of establishing new style of entertainment, it’s difficult to compare AKB to any other artists or entertainers. The proper

Let’s Appreciate Anime AKB0048, EP1


Anime AKB0048 is an outstanding Anime, but it might be a bit puzzling for those who don’t usually watch AKB48 in their original language. The more you know about AKB,

Back To The Basics: Team B Rie Kitahara


As she will make song writer debut for the coupling to the new single of Not Yet, 西瓜Baby / Suika Baby, fans are reminiscing the earliset days of Rie Kitahara in

Team B Revue B5 シアターの女神 / Theatre no Goddess In 見逃した君たちへ2 Series


3 weeks away from the release of 26th Single Manatsu no Sounds Good!, AKB has just started their Special Revue Series Minogashita Kimitachihe 2 at TDCH (Tokyo Dome City Hall).This

What If Takamina Sings Mayuyu’s Syncro Tokimeki


While Mayuyu is gradually going being recognized as a virtual center of AKB’s next chapter, residents of Japanese online communities are spinning their wild fancy for our dear leader Takamina. They

Sashiko Will Update Her G+ 300 times in 24 Hours


Sashiko again takes up hundreds updates challenge this year…. but this time a stage of this challenge is Google+, where she announced the challenge to her fans and that announcement post become newspaper ad… Sashiko G+“Here is