AKB48 Announced Their Coming Tokyo Dome Concert At The First Day of Saitama Arena

  March 25, 2012

AKB48 started their concert at Saitama Super Arena, titled “AKB48 concert Gyomu-Renraku, Tanomuzo Katayama Manager!” on 23th Mar.

This concert will be held 3 days in row from the day, and more than 70 thousands tickets were sold out in a flash. So what was their Gyomu Renraku (Businness Announce)? At the opening of the concert the big screen displayed the word “We go for Tokyo Dome Concert!!”. Following this announce, 6 of AKB48 members, Atsuko Maeda, Yuko Oshima, Minami Takahashi, Yuki Kashiwagi, Mayu Watanabe and Haruka Kozima, appeared onto stage riding on the floating gondola as singing their rock tune, “give me five”.

Minami Takahashi hyped the 25,000 audience with her energetic voice. Their sister groups SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48, SDN48 all join the concert and performed with thier orignal numbers, along with special collaborative songs, and Unit Shuffle numbers. Watari Roka Hashiritai welcomed it’s new member, Kazumi Urano from SDN48, and performed their latest song, “Syonenyo Uso wo Tsuke (Tell A Lie, Boyz)”

New unit called GuGu Tasu (cute translation of Google Plus in Japanese), started off from AKB48’s google plus page, also gave a first performance of the song “GuGu Tasu no Sora (Google Plus’s sky)”.

This concert is a last joint performance of SDN48 and AKB48 since SDN48 will be dissolved on 31th Mar marked by their last solo concert on the same day held at NHK hall, Tookyo.

Yuko Oshima, the leader of AKB48, talked to fans with teary eyes, “This is a last time we are on stage together, but this is not a sad separation. This is a one step forward to their dream. Please keep continue supporting them.”

Song list of the First Day of “AKB48 concert Gyomu-Renraku, Tanomuzo Katayama Manager!”

00. Overture
02. ファースト・ラビット
03. 少女たちよ
04. Everyday、カチューシャ
05. 初日 [チームA]
06. Only today [チームA]
07. バッチコイK!(ワッショイB!) [チームK]
08. 転がる石になれ [チームK]
09. AKB参上! [チームB]
10. チームB推し [チームB]
11. 走れ!ペンギン [チーム4]
12. 純情U-19 [NMB48]
13. 片想いFinally [SKE48]
14. Lost the way [DiVA]
15. 渚のCHERRY [島崎・大島涼・高島・篠崎]
16. 無人駅 [岩佐美咲]
17. エンドロール [柏木・仁藤・島田・山内]
18. 夜風の仕業 [小嶋陽菜]
19. 純情主義 [高橋・河西・松井玲]
20. 口移しのチョコレート [篠田・高城・峯岸]
21. 波乗りかき氷 [Not yet]
22. Dear J [板野友美]
23. Flower [前田敦子]
24. 少年よ 嘘をつけ! [渡り廊下走り隊7]
25. ヘビーローテーション [JKT48]
26. 涙サプライス! [HKT48]
27. 青春のラップタイム [NMB48]
28. 1!2!3!4! ヨロシク! [SKE48]
29. 負け惜しみコングラチュレーション [SDN48]
30. 孤独なランナー [SDN48]
31. 大声ダイヤモント [10~12期研究生]
32. Beginner
33. 風は吹いている
34. RIVER [13期研究生]
35. 言い訳Maybe
36. フライングゲット
37. ポニーテールとシュシュ
38. ひこうき雲
39. 誰かのために -What can I do for someone?-
40. ぐぐたすの空 [片山・倉持・高城・仲川・田名部・藤江・松井咲・横山・石田晴・ 北原・鈴木紫・仲俣・松井玲・松村・山口夕・山本彩]
41. 会いたかった
42. あなたがいてくれたから
43. ヘビーローテーション