Atsuko Maeda Wrote Her Thought On Graduation From HK On Her Blog

  March 27, 2012

2days after shocking announcement of her graduation, Atsuko Maeda wrote what she feels now on her blog.

The title of the post is “KIMOCHI – (=Emotion and Feeling)”.

Here is a full text translation.

She confessed her feeling of the moment, “I will graduate AKB48, as I told fans at Saitama Super Arena the day before yesterday. This is my decision but I was so nervous until the very moment.”

“I really wish everything would continue the way it is. But, when I was singing encore, when I was looking at the audience seats full of light sticks, I felt I was happy and lucky. Then I determined, again, I have to walk alone, I have to tell fans my thought.”

“Fans gave me really warm cheer,  it was the warmest cheer I had in my life. It reassured me that my decision was not wrong.” “I saw members of our group were shedding tears over my graduation. They really cared about me from the heart, I felt. I was really happy that I could feel so many love.”

She also wrote to Mr. Akimoto, the producer of the group, “You’ve always cared me even when I was selfish. You are also good at guessing what I’m thinking. I couldn’t be here without your help. Thank you so much.”

She ended her post with the message to fans, “Thank you for pushing my back (=support someone’s decision and urge him/her to accomplish it). I read a lot of comments from you. I love you all of you.”

There are already more than 12,000 comments since she uploaded this post less than 5 hours ago.

Source: Atsuko Maeda Official Blog