Faceoff!!! Arashi vs NMB48 – Both To Release New Single on 9th May

  March 29, 2012
NMB48, Black Haired Girls

Coming 9th May is a release date of NMB48’s new single, which we don’t have it’s title yet. This is gonna be their 4th single and we are expecting they will continue their record of  topping oricon weekly music chart and over 200,000 records sales in the first week of single release. So far they’ve released three singles and all of them achieved both, making them a record holder as a girls-only-pop-group.

With their new single NMB48 is trying to extend their recored by topping oricon chart and selling more than 200 thousands records for the first week for 4 consecutive singles since their record debut.

But this time they have to take on the strongest opponent… it’s announced Arashi, the most popular boyz pop group, will release their next single, Face Down, on the same day, 9th May. To give you the feel of how hard it is, Arashi’s last single, Wild At Heart, sold 550 thousands for the first week!! On other other hand, if NMB could sell more than 400 thousands for the first week, it would be a huge success for them.
It is rumored that NMB’s new single might come with Election Ballot for 6th June Election, if it was true, this unpredictable battle would be more grueling.
Coming May have 3 consecutive single release from AKB family’s big 3.
9th May   NMB48 <--Arashi
16th May SKE48
23th May AKB48
NMB is formed in 2010, the youngest of all these 3 groups, and unlike SKE, the team still doesn’t have famous names like  Jurina Matsui, and Rena Matsui of SKE48.
Recently, on 23th Mar, NMB48’s member Miyuki Watanabe was selected to be temporary member of team B of AKB48 even thoush Aya Yamamoto of the same group had higher position in the last election.
Anyway is this a kind of strategy of Arashi’s management agency, Janny’s, that of these 3 groups, NMB48 is the easiest opponent? or is this totally a coincident? How do you think?
For your reference, if it’s AKB48, maybe Arashi would face very difficult battle, which they are unlikely to be a winner… Here is all-time top-10 record sale for the first week. Clearly, AKB48 is Japan’s biggest pop group in the decade.
1 1,354,492 フライングゲット AKB48 1 2011/8/24
2 1,333,969 Everyday、カチューシャ AKB48 1 2011/5/25
3 1,208,230 名もなき詩 Mr.Children 1 1996/2/5
4 1,067,510 Addicted To You 宇多田ヒカル 1 1999/11/10
5 1,025,740 だんご3兄弟 速水けんたろう、茂森あゆみ、
1 1999/3/3
6 955,780 Winter, again GLAY 1 1999/2/3
7 951,140 LOVE PHANTOM B’z 1 1995/10/11
8 942,479 桜の木になろう AKB48 1 2011/2/16
9 924,780 君がいるだけで/愛してる 米米CLUB 1 1992/5/4
10 841,280 誘惑 GLAY 1 1998/4.29