Hatsune Miku Google Chrome Theme “Tell Your World” Full Version finally released!!

  March 14, 2012

Hatsune Miku made my heart by this song…

I have something to deliver you….(Kimi ni todoketaimonoga….)

A full length Music Video of The famous tune from Google Chrome commercial, which has on aired nationwide in Japan, has finally, finally been released just one day before the release of Livetune’s new album “Tell Your World EP”.

This video is a collaborative work of several top creators. See the colorful tone, sharp move, dreamy effect, we can’t expect more from this video. The first limited edition of “Tell Your World EP” is packed with DVD of music videos in the album.
Began from the New Year Holiday’s Google Commercial to NHK’s special program to various TV programs, Miku is suddenly growing beyond the small online world of Youtube and Otaku community. Maybe or most probably we can see her the Japanese version of Grammy award at this year end?? But before that, what about London Olympic??? YAY.

(source: Natalie)

1. [CD] Tell Your World [Disc 1] TELL YOUR WORLD
2. [CD] Far Away [Disc 1] FAR AWAY
3. [CD] Star Story [Disc 1] STAR STORY
4. [CD] Half Step [Disc 1] HALF STEP
5. [CD] Fly Out [Disc 1] FLY OUT
6. [CD] ジュビリー [Disc 1] JUBILEE
7. [CD] Tell Your World (Panda BoY Remix) [Disc 1] TELL YOUR WORLD
8. [CD] Tell Your World (open the scenery rmx by fu_mou) [Disc 1] TELL YOUR WORLD
9. [DVD] Tell Your World -Music Clip- [Disc 2] TELL YOUR WORLD
10. [DVD] Tell Your World -Trailer movie- [Disc 2] TELL YOUR WORLD

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