Miku Flick – Dance Your Fingers to Hatsune Miku Song!!

  March 17, 2012

To all Miku fans! Sega, the gamesoft company, released Miku game app for iPhobe which you flick-type the lyric of Miku’s song in sync with the song playing along.

Note: flick-type is a typing interface specially developed for Smartphones and tablets, which you have traditional cell-phone type keys and flick those keys to certain directions to type certain character. iPhone has been deployed it along with common Qwerty keyboard for Japanese typing.

First of all, if you are left-handed, you can change the setting in order to type comfortably.

2levels of difficulty are “hard” and “easy”. You can only select “easy” at thr beginning.

Tapping “Rhythm game” to start the game, and you can play 3 music initially. The first song is “Koisuru Voc@loid” by Oster project.

It’s difficult for Miku fans not to pay too much attention to Miku dancing to her song in the screen. But you just need to precisely hit a keyboard with a heart sign in your eyes:)

Like “Dance Dance Revolution”, what you do is typing characters scrolling in the middle of your screen.


After you successfully finish a song, you can play music and Miku’s dance of that song without necessarily playing the game.

Once you beat in Easy mode of a song, you can then select Hard mode. New songs are added, too (it depends on what song you finished that what song will be added).

Finishing Hard mode brings the awfully difficult Break the Limit mode. In this mode, every lyric has to be typed by flick, means you don’t type A Ka Sa Ta Na Ha Ma Ya Ra Wa which of corse save you time… It’s wonderfully hard:)

If you want Mikuge (Miku game) with high-quality graphic this it your Must-buy app, seriously. But as you might expect, this is expensive:P (¥1,200)
(And what us the point we can’t buy this app from U.S. iTunes store when we have multilingual keyboard in our iPhone.)
So we kind of forgotten Miku fans in U.S. can only enjoy YouTube video..

(video made by SEGA)

Finally to iPad3 owners, It’s a universal app.