As already I wrote, AKB’s next and theri 26th single is clearly introducing the coming Generation Change of AKB48. This may be the first time “Semeru monotachi (chasers)” and “Mamoru monotachi (ones being chased)” are separated in such explicit way. And I am puzzled why Mayuyu is in the center position of “Mamoru monotachi“…. yes, everyone is confused on this.

7 is a special number for AKB48, and we can’t help thinking this pictures suggest the rise of NextKami7, though Jurina and Mayuyu can already be type-A’s jacket, considering other 5 members are relatively un-known to most of fans. I understand Mayuyu’s misplacement is due to the lack of famous faces in Type-B. (But why Rena isn’t there?)

I made a table of highest ranking of 14 members in these pictures.

Type-A (Semeru Monotachi)
6th Kojiharu
3th Mariko
1th Yuko
1th Acchan
3th Yukirin
4th Tomochin
Type-B (Mamoru Monotachi)
N/A Renacchi
N/A Milky
N/A Paruru
5th Mayuyu
14th Jurina
Not-participated Karen
N/A Anna Iriyama

I guess this is a supportive move (from the management) for those 6 members so that they will be ranked in top-16 (at least top-64) in the next election, but fans express their honest thoughts that there’s no way they ranked in top-16, even it’s hard for them to be in top-64 except Paruru and Milky. But as this must be the elaborate strategy of AkiP, by the releases of this single, maybe most of fans recognize new faces adn start liking them (just like I’m alrady becoming a fan of Renacchi).
As Tomochin said Kami7 never let youngsters pass them without any effort, and that means I think “Semeru monotachi” must at least prove how far they’ve come by surprise in the the next election.

Because ranking or hierarchy is one major factor to put fire on fans heart, Nikkan add oil to the excitement.

Close Up!
I love how Sashiko enjoy being poser next to Tomochin! But at the same time it hurts my heart that this is gonna be the last time we can see triple-shot of Acchan, Takamina and Yuko… Stay strong Takamini! and why my Oshimen Annnin (Anna Iriyama) looks like Sadako in this photo!! lol (she is actually very pretty! google “あんにん”)
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